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  1. Welcome Kozmic Motorsports!
  2. Welcome Kozmic Motorsports!
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  6. K27 EvoX Cam Sensor Heat Shields
  7. K27 EvoX Surge Tank Kit - The One and Only Original!
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  12. 200mph EvoX!!! Texas Mile 2013 Review and VIDEO!
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  15. SST External Filter with bowl O-ring. 36.57 shipped! Always in stock!
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  17. SST Clutch Pack $732. Improved Made in the USA friction and steel plates.
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  20. New Product: K27 EvoX SS Brake Lines
  21. TCC Powder Coated X Parts!!! Texas Mile Evo!!!
  22. Kozmic Motorsports now stocks keyless remote batteries
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  28. New Product Announcement: 4b11t coil covers!
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  30. STY?'s Build to conquer the world....one record at a time (or a few at a time).
  31. Heated Sump SALE! Lowest Price, Highest Quality, IN STOCK!
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  34. Just Released! AMS Titanium Single Exit Exhaust - 10lbs!!!
  35. SST and Stock Ecu Trap Speed Record Reset - 160mph!!!