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  1. Evo X Photo thread!
  2. edmunds.com future vehicle writeup
  3. Concept X Unveiling
  4. lancerproject.com
  5. Evo X Production exterior pics..
  6. Evo X vs '08 STi
  7. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X at Detroit Auto Show
  8. Evo discussion blog
  9. I spied: possible Evolution X in disguise?
  10. Cool Video
  11. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback to debut at Frankfurt
  12. 80% of first batch of UK evos to have DSG style box
  13. Evo X and STi spy shots!
  14. Mitsubishi EVO X Real World Photos
  15. Two door evo?
  16. Car & Driver blurb on the X
  17. New Mitsubishi Super All Wheel Control System
  18. Evo X Track Footage!
  19. Prototype X video clips
  20. Evo X in Gran Turismo 5 game!
  21. x at nurburg
  22. Part 2 of Evo X on U tube
  23. Evo X on the cover of Juiced 2
  24. motor trend prtotype x
  25. same as early deposit. found in other site
  26. evo X1
  27. Rumor: 315hp / 325 ft-lbs in the X
  28. lates on evo x jdm.
  29. Evo X Catalog
  30. no more evo x in wrc
  31. Evo X Vidoe Clips
  32. Preorder in oct?
  33. EVO X debut in Tokyo
  34. Image of CX Evo
  35. Evo X opinion poll in the UK
  36. Has everybody seen this...
  37. Lancer Evolution X Ralliart in the Wild
  38. Evo X Official pics
  39. First Drive: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
  40. Here's what Road & Track have to say...
  41. Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards 2008
  42. Autoweek does the X
  43. Update about the EVO X on auto week!
  44. GTChannel's review of the X
  45. Officially Official: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  46. UK First Drive: X
  47. Price list of X "gsr" "rs" and "mr"
  48. EVO X US spec from Cypress Calif.
  49. Automobilemag.com reviews the X
  50. Australian website review differently.
  51. AutoExpress does the X
  52. 3 steps to buy evo x in JDM way
  53. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: [ACS] test
  54. EVO X to run on Rally Japan
  55. Evo X on Topgear blog
  56. Australian take on EVO X
  57. another japanese first drive: seems from the same Mitsu sponsored occasion
  58. Automobile.com reviews the X.
  59. Public debut in Sydney
  60. Motor Mag : Evo x Review
  61. Another Aussie preview-review of the X
  62. EVO 10 GSR AND MR OPTIONS FOR THE US... not a question, info inside
  63. 2 white evo's
  64. Video of Evo X at Sydney motor show
  65. AutoSpectator - EVO X at a glance
  66. ok can you take this?
  67. NOW its official..
  68. Anyone else dissapointed?
  69. HKS Evo X Sport Pack
  70. 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
  71. evo x vin code is here guys...
  72. Best Motoring test the new JDM EVO X! SST included!
  73. Evolution X Group N course car pics
  74. EVO X Test On a Closed track part DEUX!!!
  75. EVO X brochure and Accessories Catalogue (PDF)
  76. Potential pitfalls of the next Evolution
  77. When do the Offical Specs Come Out
  78. STi might faster and drivers better than the evo X
  79. Best motoring's impression on the X
  80. 'Street Life' Rally team EVO X
  81. 'CarView TV' EVO X test drive video
  82. Is this true EvoX 0-60 4.5sec
  83. Official HP and TQ #s
  84. mitsubishicars site says Mid winter
  85. Canadian Pricing ?
  86. Official Canadian Spec sheets
  87. Gearbox gremlins set to delay Evo X
  88. Lancer Evo X $30,000 for the GSR and $36,000 for MR
  89. 4B11T can withstand HIGH LEVEL of boost
  90. EVO X at the LA AUTO SHOW
  91. Mitsubishi to tackle touring car with WORKS-prepared Lancer race car
  92. US-Spec Technology press release
  93. 100k warranty for other mitsu but not the X
  94. Evo X Curb weight (GSR)3517(MR)3594
  95. Inside Line Q&A: Mitsubishi's Norihiko Yoshimine
  96. Mitsubishi serves up Lancer Evolution version 10 in Los Angeles
  97. Thai's take on the Evo X
  98. Most Fun to Drive Car of the Year?
  99. Evo X and beyond: Mitsubishi maps out the future
  100. The Tsukuba sneak peek
  101. USA Press Release: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Offers Supercar Handling
  102. First Test: Mitsubishi Evo X vs. Evo IX
  103. C-West Evo X!
  104. STI Versus Evolution X... SOON !
  105. BM Official IX vs X-5MT vs X-SST results!
  106. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution enjoyed its North America introduction
  107. EVO X (5MT & SST) vs EVO 9 vs Old STi Video
  108. EVO X vs STI - Tsukuba Lap Times
  109. Are Tuners Working on the X?
  110. Evo X Ships 1/1/2008!!!
  111. Nihon Car : EVO X vs STI
  112. Evo X's at RevSpeed Tsukuba Time Attack
  113. Evo IX vs Evo X Photoshoot in HK
  114. EVO X & STI on Edmunds
  115. Priced: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  116. EVO X Inside and out
  117. UK Pricing announced and FQ model lineup
  118. Are EPA ratings confirmed?
  119. Mitsu is becoming ridiculous
  120. Official: SST sold in JDM from 20 Dec 07!
  121. EVO X in action
  122. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue-First Impression: Lancer Evolution X HD
  123. Autoweek seems to like the USDM Evo X
  124. Bologna Motor Show 2007
  125. SST manufacturer specs:
  126. SST Info
  127. Evo X FQ upgrade parts list
  128. Wow, review we have been waiting for! MotorTrend X vs iX
  129. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: First Drive
  130. Evo X Ralliart Edition
  131. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Service Manual.pdf
  132. Driven: the first Evo X in Britain-AUTOCAR.co.uk
  133. Shark-Like Evo Makes Mom a Speed Demon
  134. AIADA reviews Mitsubishi’s New Lancer Evolution
  135. Best Motoring EVO X vs 08 STI
  136. Check out the latest result for the EVO X vs. STI
  137. Comparison Test: 2008 Subaru WRX STI vs. 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR
  138. Mitsu hopes BMW & Audi buyers will look at new Evo
  139. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Road rally
  140. HKS Kansai SST Evo X
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  142. Motive Magazine's First Drive of the EVO X
  143. Winding Road EVO X Review
  144. EVO X: 3rd place in quickest cars $30-40k
  145. Canadian Bumper Regs to Change(?)
  146. SCI Mag Review: Faster, Less Furious
  147. edmund's new evo review
  148. MR release date delayed again
  149. ARC in last Japanese Performance
  150. EvolutionX at 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon (56K Bad)
  151. Mitsubishi releases official pricing for Evolution X GSR
  152. Evo X vs STI motortrend vids
  153. MR vs GSR vs STi! OMFG!!! New edmund review!!!
  154. Tokyo Auto Salon: Mitsubishi Evolution X gets tuner love in Japan
  155. EvoM's Review of the Evo X
  156. just got this sit on my email
  157. They Have Landed!!!
  158. Evo X revealed at the Montreal Auto show
  159. Vivid Racing Dynos the X - first dynopull on the X
  160. Official Evo X Mr Price Released
  161. Spoon Civic Type R & EVO X-RS Touge Time Attack
  162. Video - New STI vs New EVO X & Old STI vs OLD EVO IX Drag and Slalom
  163. Motrortrend part 1 and 2
  164. Potential MR Price
  165. Mitsubishi Prototype-S
  166. New Road And Track Evo Vs Sti Omg!!!
  167. SpeedTV's comparison of the EVO X and STI
  168. cars.com review evo mr vs sti vs r32!
  169. Team Orange Lancer Evo X
  170. The Facts - 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  171. Evo wins Comparo in new C&D; 0-60 in 4.6
  172. Don't post here! (READ ME)
  173. UK EvoX Preview Brochure
  174. EVO X in Toronto!
  175. MR production cancelled
  176. Final grid order will be in May
  177. Ams 87 Whp Over Stock, Lots Of Dyno Graphs And Detailed Info On All Parts
  178. News of MR in M/T
  179. MSN Auto Review of Lan Evo X
  180. Ralliart X
  181. SST Launch Control
  182. NEW Video of ICS Tuner has the Evo X SICK
  183. Evo X trunk
  184. EXO X's on the east coast finally
  185. Price hier in Europe
  186. Unlimited Works Track Meet
  187. EVO X drift
  188. EVO X SST in U.K.
  189. 9 Things you may not know about the Evo X
  190. Official Word: MR is ready and on track for Spring 2008
  191. Subaru WRX STI vs. Mitsubishi Evo GSR vs. VW R32 - Comparison Test
  192. E-mail from Jun Auto~!
  193. A new review for the MR
  194. You guys suck!!!
  195. 87 whp mods ams on street vidz
  196. EVO x aka SRT4(sounds like)
  197. Evo GSR
  198. Evo X in Top Gear Magazine...
  199. Evo X FQ360 DRIVEN
  200. Another UK review
  201. 2008 Lancer Evolution Brochure Available
  202. EVO X favorable review in 0-60 magazine on sale now...
  203. Automobile Magazine (April 2008) comparison between Evo X, STI and 335xi
  204. the lancer sportback is coming to the us
  205. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: S-awc Demo
  206. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: S-awc Demo
  207. The Auto Channel 3 Episode
  208. Canada finally gets the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
  209. EVO X in latest Hyper Rev
  210. New Japanese Evo X Videos, Pics, and Review!
  211. More New Japanese Pics, Videos, and Review!
  212. Evo 1 335xi 1
  213. Lancer Evolution X meeting video
  214. Preview: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution-National Post
  215. Evo X1
  216. EVO X MMNA Website is up FINNALY
  217. Some new review (UK) EVO X
  218. Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution X features a few unusual efficiency improvements
  219. EVO X multimedia
  220. Option magazine review and videos!
  221. HKSKansai
  222. First Drive: 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR FQ-360 - Edmunds Inside Line
  223. New Video Review of Evo X MR!
  224. First EVO X in U.K.
  225. EVO X Video 5MT and TC-SST
  226. Evo X MR SST Launch Control Video!
  227. Any Info on MR?
  228. Boost labs 5 car test, Evo X MR, GSR, STI, & Robi Spec GSR/STI Video!
  229. NEW INFO on MR release!!!
  230. Evo X MR Reviewed by Tsuchiya in SSC
  231. NEW NEW sad INFO on MR release
  232. HKS Mitusbishi Lancer Evo X
  233. Another Sti vs. Evo X Comparison
  234. Evo X to launch in India
  235. Edmunds: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X by Vishnu Performance Systems
  236. EVO 1/4 mile 12,54 sec
  237. Short Evo X review from Canada
  238. EVO X 4B11 Engine Analysis: Part 1
  239. EDITORS' NOTEBOOK: 2009 Mitsubishi EVO X, Day 1
  240. M/T: 135i and Evo X MR dukes it out!
  241. Evo Fq300 Sst Finally Here!!
  242. Lancer Evolution X MR 2009
  243. Jun Evo X :)))
  244. 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X - Evolving The Evolution
  245. Evolution X to debut in China
  246. Autoexpress EVO X - WRX STI
  247. EVO X for rental !
  248. EVO X in China
  249. AMS Modded MR' handles the power...
  250. Couple of new Evo X reviews