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  1. DC Area Track Events
  2. Left Foot Braking
  3. cornering
  4. Schumacher's driving style video
  5. 3 generations of Nissan Skyline GT-R vs Other JDM
  6. Thunderbolt Raceway, Millville, NJ opening this JUNE!
  7. Nissan Nismo GT-R vs Ferrari 360 vs Porsche 996 turbo
  8. houston area track event feb 10th
  9. Nissan GT-R vs Porsche GT3 vs Porsche 997 Turbo vs Lambo Gallardo vs Honda NSX
  10. First tracktime, first impressions
  11. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR at the track
  12. 2008 California HPDE Track Schedule
  13. Evo X track day
  14. Evo X testing on track Feb. 29 Streets of Willow
  15. ACD/S-AYC Confuses instructor
  16. Firebird Raceway
  17. My X at Buttonwillow...
  18. Evo X in the Mountains and on a Track[Video]
  19. North American Track Directory
  20. New Evo X Racing Moderator
  21. The road course is finally open!!
  22. Indy 500
  23. Track / Road Course for free
  24. go karts?
  25. Japanese Evo X on the track
  26. My GG X at Infineon
  27. Anyone use G-Force R1 tire?
  28. Questions about Evo X as a track car
  29. American lemans
  30. Track Cherry Popped
  31. MR Tracked
  32. General track prices
  33. Evo racing pictures? anybody have them?
  34. EVO X Race Car Debuts at Britcar
  35. EVO X GSR @ ETOWN Road Course...
  36. 1/8 track time
  37. First F1 Night race...
  38. Raceway Park Road Course
  39. Targa Newfoundland 2008
  40. Going to Road America!!
  41. 600horses GTR and 997, GTR rules again.
  42. Robevo on Speedhunter.com
  43. My X @ pacific Raceway
  44. Timeattack 850HP Scooby
  45. track time..
  46. Headed to Driving School Dec 17th.
  47. Discovery Channel Drift The Sideways Craze in HD
  48. ACR Viper smoking the GTR R35
  49. Evo Nur lap time...
  50. GTR Vs Vette Rental
  51. fastest evo x= ams time attack
  52. Enzo Nurburgring
  53. NSX at suzuka
  54. Tracks near pittsburgh?!
  55. Mitsubishi air guide kit
  56. Cobb R35 vs Focus Auto R34
  57. A1GP - Bringing the fans closer.
  58. EDO TRACKSIDE @ Willow Springs Feb 8th!!!!!!
  59. Targa Wrest Point 2009 - Day 2 Highlights
  60. 911 vs gtr
  61. Tuned Evo-X SST in FUJI SPEEDWAY(WET)
  62. MR faster than GTr,SL63 AMG,Lexus IS-F,BMW M3,Audi TT,0-400 SLALOM
  63. 370 z vs 2 porche
  64. Anyone have experience with G2X?
  65. I think I need a sway bar...
  66. World's Fastest Mitsubishi EVO, 221 mph
  67. supra Vs Evo 9
  68. AMS 2009 Track Day Schedule!
  70. evo vs viper must see.
  71. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR track test
  72. another mr on track...FUJI SPEEDWAY
  73. Tuned Evo-X SST Honjyo Circuit
  74. Had a great time at Laguna Seca
  75. cyber evo crash @ 50 sec.
  76. Ben Graham's AMS Prepped EVO X Takes FIRST!!!
  77. First Track Day in the X, Gingerman Raceway!
  78. Summit Point Shenendoah Circuit - Mazda MP3 Turbo
  79. My video from the track
  80. SuperGT 2009: Nissan GT-R Pole to Win in Round 3 at Fuji Speedway
  81. 5-15-09: High Plains Raceway Lapping Day (Byers, CO)
  82. Open Track Day Coming Up
  83. F1 vs Ford GT drag F#@k....must see.
  84. holy sh#t viper....
  85. AMS Road America Track Day!
  86. worlds fastest GTR....R35. no nitrous etc...
  87. Safety car accident
  88. deadly accidents.
  89. EVO X in 24 hours of Nurburging
  90. quick tour of top gear track....nice
  91. AMS Blackhawk Farms Track Day!
  92. One of the best Nburg ring battles Ive seen
  93. Team Orange
  94. Must see. 09GTR vs Nismo GTR vs V spec.
  95. best sounding on track....
  96. AMS Performance / NOS Energy Drink TA-X debuts with a podium finish!
  97. AMS AutoBahn Track Day July 5th
  98. M.S driving in the rain wet track.
  99. Get a FREE ride in an EVO X around Infineon Raceway on Tuesday, June 30th
  100. Vorshlag's COBB Tuned Evo completes 7 hour torture test giving rides at MSR on Yokoha
  101. AMS/NOS energy drink Time attack Video
  102. 8/9/2009: Tri-State Evo 'Spirit of Competition' Track Day @ E-Town
  103. Buschur X @11sec
  104. How to get on a track?
  105. Evo X vs Cayman S vs 135i vs Civic Type R vs S402
  106. Road Course EVO X MR - WRX - Cobalt SS- Corvette
  107. Evolution X MR in cam Track Run Racewaypark
  108. Evo X vs. Ford Focus RS
  109. AMS NOS Energy Drink Time Attack EVO X Wins Redline Time Attack Nashville
  110. TSUCHIYA VS 4 ROTOR 622 HP BEAST Charge Mazda 767B LeMans 24 hour winner
  111. Evo 8 and Evo X at the Nürburgring Video
  112. Day at Mosport GT Track and EPIC Prank on TrackJunkie
  113. Redline Time Attack Rd 4: Nashville with evo x's
  114. Attn NW evo x owners! call in sick 8/24! track day for $75
  115. Making A Race Car Driver in 30 Days
  116. Pictures from Buttonwillow Peformance Driving Clinic Aug 22nd 2009
  117. AMS should join this....bring on the 1000hp evo
  118. time attack
  119. Boostsaves 1st annual Birthday bash at NJ motorsports park In Millville NJ
  120. Our First Track day!!
  121. ERME - Equipe Rapide Motorsports Experience
  122. miller motorsports park
  123. Evo VS Ariel Atom
  124. Redline Event
  125. I need a "car guy" sales rep!!!
  126. Video of an GTR vs. GT3 battle
  127. my M3 racing high hp Corvettes
  128. FIA GT parade in the city
  129. my first track day with another evo x!
  130. Cascade Track Day - Portland Int'l Raceway
  131. 30 Victories, 4 Seasons, 1 AMS Engine!
  132. jax fl track days ?
  133. EVO X MR @ RedLine TimeAttack Driver:John Torres winner
  134. Rolex Racing.
  135. Trackday with Gatebil Rudskogen Norway EVO 10
  136. Renault Banned for 2 years from F1
  137. Spent yesterday at NJMP Lightning
  138. Evo VS Supra
  139. AMS Evo X 2009 Modified Champion Video
  140. Took 1st Place at the Top Speed Time Attack @ Talladega
  141. Another weekend in the paddock (Summit Point Shenandoah)
  142. Evo X RA vs. a few good competitors (vid)
  143. IS-F Tom's, WRX STI Spec C, Evo X Ralliart, Nismo 370Z, NSX Type R @ Tsukuba
  144. ferrari and evo at nurburgring..wow
  145. COBB Tuning takes 3rd Place in the Subiefest Time Attack Unlimited Class
  146. Open Track days
  147. First track day, what do I need.
  148. Road Atlanta November 21-22
  149. supra vs gtr
  150. Nissan GT-R R35 GT1
  151. Super Street Cover Car, AMS Blue Demon Time Attack EVO **Video**
  152. proportioned weight distribution or overall curb weight, which more important?
  153. Nissan GT-R P800 vs Dodge Viper SRT 10 PAXTON
  154. MR at the track
  155. AMS/Nos Energy Drink Super Lap Battle Race Report
  156. Team AMS/NOS Energy Drink Wins The Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship!!!
  157. HPDE at NJMP
  158. evo, gtr and ferrari scudi at the track.
  159. Redline Time Attack Final VIDEO, California Speedway. Roam around the Pit with Kunani
  160. One scary Evo
  161. IRDC lapping day 10-31-09
  162. Mom and son on the track :)
  163. Me and my wife at track with an Evo X GSR
  164. Subaru
  165. So Nissan actually support GTR time attack car.
  166. Godzilla VS Super snake.
  167. MVP Track Time 2010 Track Schedule and Invitation
  168. track day(lots of cars)
  169. My day @ Laguna Seca/Mazda Raceway
  170. Track Battle: Our Project Mitsubishi Evo vs. Nissan GT-R
  171. who else tracks an MR?
  172. AMS EVO X vs Sti vs Miata vs180sx @ Redline Timeattack
  173. Stock Evo X MR Track Battle Driver John Torres
  174. Inside Time Attack 7
  175. Hottest AMS Lap ever!!!
  176. Evo X and Eclipse at Interlagos - Brazil
  177. 2010 One Lap of America announcement
  178. Track Preparation
  179. NW Evo owners; lapping day; cars on pacific go kart track
  180. MR chasing GTR....
  181. Ferrari355 vs PorscheGT2 vs EXIGE vs Evo-X in FUJI SPEEDWAY FSW
  182. Jerk driving instructor
  183. Default Road Race Engineering Evo X Track Test
  184. bathurst 12hr
  185. First time at the track with the X..... Good/Bad/questions
  186. First Race finished with my EVO X...2nd place in the Yas Marina F1 Cicuit in UAE
  187. COBB Tuning Motorsport Races into 2010!
  188. Evo IX vs Evo X M.U.S.T 22.11.09
  189. My Track Diary
  190. Formula 1 2010
  191. Video from NASA HPDE yesterday
  192. NASA TT MSR Cresson videos
  193. Drift
  194. Getting on the Nurburgring?
  195. Another great HOD Day @ Laguna Seca
  196. Another great HOD Day @ Laguna Seca
  197. 2010 Redline Time Attack A Heads Up
  198. the poorman's GTR.....
  199. EVO X with SST again at 24h race at Nuerburgring
  200. evo's on a go-kart track? huh?
  201. 2010 Redline Time Attack @ Buttonwillow
  202. 2010 Redline Time Attack at New Jersey Motorsports Park
  203. Friday At The Track (FATT)
  204. COBB Tuning Plano - 2010 SCCA National Tour - Texas Leg
  205. Project Evo X - Track Day
  206. Best in/out car camera for the track?
  207. Track Insurance
  208. AccessPORT Racer Spotlight: John Drenas HBSpeed EVOX!
  209. COBB Tuning Motorsports ready for Redline Time Attack at New Jersey Motorsports Park!
  210. Alberta Track Day (August 21st Edmonton)
  211. COBB Motorsports Wins BIG in New Jersey
  212. mport2race Evo X MR @ Redline TimeAttack 2010 NJ Motorsports Park Wins
  213. AMS Hosted HPDE Track Day - Autobahn in Joliet, IL - July 10th - $125!!!
  214. Oh dear
  215. SSP - Track day at Summit Point - GTR/EVO X
  216. In-Car Video from COBB Motorsports Nissan GT-R Time Attack Racer
  217. Kumho V710s
  218. Jack ass BMW
  219. EVO X GSR @ 2010 Redline Time Attack NJ driver: Michael Oromaner
  220. Rogue Track Days
  221. NTEC Track Day Sponsored by Don Herring - May 22 at MSR Cresson
  222. Video from Round 2 of Redline Time Attack at New Jersey
  223. Evo X Ralliart vs STI,AUDI,Nismo 370z
  224. 2009 Nürburgring 24h Onboard Evo X SST
  225. Idiot crash his car 7seconds after entering the Nurburgring
  226. Fueled Mag Photo shoot with Krista Elyse
  227. NASA TT June 12/13 Hallett - Registration is now open
  228. COBB Tuning Motorsports on the Podium in Las Vegas!
  229. GTR vs 599 at Nur...
  230. CBRD speedfactory Tuner Shop (EVO) Video
  231. Photos from Redline Time Attack!
  232. My evo x vs Porsche GT3
  233. My FQ400 at Yas Marina Circuit
  234. First track day at Watkins Glen
  235. COBB Tuning Motorsports Redline Time Attack Video Library!
  236. Evo X takes 1st in class/7th overall for 2010 One Lap of America
  237. How long do you run car after exiting track?
  238. Evo X on a go-kart track...
  239. Evolution X MR Track racing @ Jtune Event driver: John Torres
  240. Hit the Track
  241. Watkins Glen May 2010 HPDE with Niagara PCA
  242. COBB Tuning Motorsports Dominates Redline Time Attack Round 4
  243. Video: COBB Tuning at Redline Time Attack Round 4 - Auto Club Speedway
  244. COBB Tuning Redline Time Attack Racer Discount!
  245. Willow Springs
  246. 1 week from my 2,500 hp weekend...
  247. COBB Tuning Motorsports, On Track in Chicago
  248. Ok who's goona beat this Girl.
  249. Redline Time Attack Autobahn'10
  250. BSCC Track Day Video (6-11-2010)