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  1. SST Fears
  2. SST tranny question?
  3. SST Gear Ratios & Pasta
  4. Does the SST transmission 'creep'
  5. Which GETRAG are using?
  6. Sst
  7. Stop this twin-clutch madness now
  8. noob question
  9. SST mode boost and long knobs
  10. SST-equipped X successfully flashed to 330 bhp
  11. Known issues
  12. sst settings
  13. First glich on the tranny
  14. Post Pic of MR Shift Knob
  15. SST ocassional shift shock problem
  16. SST slips
  17. Tsb-08-22-002 - Characteristics Of W6dga, Twin Clutch -sportronic Shift Transmission
  18. SST - Shift Mechanism Info
  19. SST - Control Mechanism Diagram
  20. SST on the track !!
  21. No go on Launch Control?
  22. Near crashing experience with SST
  23. Anyone crazy enough?
  24. SST and ABS
  25. Clutch Upgrade
  26. Twin Clutch Animation
  27. The future of SST tuning?
  28. MR SST owners help please
  29. SST Gear Whine Noise
  30. Im buying an Evo X MR... you should know.
  31. Clunky SST
  32. Sst acting up on normal driving
  33. SST transmission failure update
  34. Clunking noise from the rear (SST)
  35. SST power capacity
  36. Will the SST transmission become serviceable?
  37. SST oddity, this makes me "wtf"
  38. bigger aftermarket SST oil cooler
  39. SST Trans Temp Gauge
  40. Shifting Issue?
  41. Mr clutch upgrade
  42. Sst Upgrades Coming Soon
  43. SST: Shift delay in manual mode
  44. SST program logic
  45. Sst Upgrade Preorder
  46. Sst Upgrade Mr Owners Must Read
  47. Attn Ralliart Or Mr Owners
  48. Sst Upgrade Press Release
  49. Spy Pics SST Cooler
  50. How Much Power Can The SST Tranny Hold?
  51. Are Shift Paddles (semi automatic) for pussys?
  52. Thinking about getting a tune...
  53. SST shift points.
  54. Sst Tranny Cooler Coming soon
  55. Oil cooler
  56. The Official SST Temp Findings thread
  57. Brakes + full trotthle, what happens?
  58. Evo X MR Factory Reflash
  59. When to change SST transmission fluid
  60. DIY guide request for SST owners.
  61. SSTF1 or Amsoil
  62. Blitz SST oil cooler
  63. SOCAL MR, SSP clutch Group buy
  64. sst noise
  65. Clutch slip due to high temp?!
  66. SST normal sport or s-sport
  67. Looking for any MR around NJ region
  68. Another SSP tranny cooler installed
  69. SST exedy cooler
  70. Extreme Jerking when doing a rolling stop in normal mode...
  71. SST additional cooler update
  72. did i kill my ss-t?
  73. SST in the evo x mr
  74. Hesitation off the line in the MR getting worse...
  75. SST Transmission Build
  76. SSP VALVE BODY UPGRADES underway for the SST
  77. SST Transcooler Informative Inside Information
  78. SST & hand brake?
  79. SSP unvealing new ST-SSC OIL
  80. Would You Buy an MR if there was no Local Dealer Support?
  81. AMS tranny cooler.
  82. Willall SST lubricant WR35TMX
  83. SST Filter part number: 2513A040?
  84. SSP's Giant Front Mount SST Trans Cooler
  85. SSP Giant Front Mount Oil Cooler
  86. takes more force for shifter to go into park. bad sign?
  87. TheSin's TC-SST Project an SSP Production
  88. another launch control thread
  89. Additional Cooler TRACK TESTED !!
  90. SSP Front Mount TRANSCooler Release
  91. Sst Upgraded Clutch Discs Are Here............
  92. EVO X SST Clutch Upgrades
  93. sst helpp!!!
  94. SST fluid , additional cooling , clutch packs
  95. question about diy trans oil change on mr
  96. User Remark on SSP clutch pad, trans-cooler,AMS trans-cooler & Willall oil
  97. TC-SST Fluid Poll
  98. Hello fellow SST owners
  99. SST Front Mount Cooler Official Release
  100. SST control unit reflash
  101. New installs: AMS oil cooler, Willall fluid, SSP inline filter w pics
  102. HKS SST FLUID COOLER is out!! with test comparisons!
  103. MR SST Tranmission slams into gear.
  104. AEM Transmission Temp Gauge
  105. sst oil cooler?
  106. Will it be safe?
  107. SSP tranny cooler - group buy
  108. SSP Clutch Packs Authorized Dealer
  109. slipping into 2nd.
  110. Weird SST behavior during launch control
  111. what is the best set up to dyno an MR.
  112. SST Oil Temp sensor type and location
  113. 08 Evo X SST FQ 300 uneven acceleration
  114. Any updates on the SST upgrades??
  115. Noob Question: Possible Damage When Failed to Launch MR Correctly
  116. Rev Limit in auto mode
  117. Porsche PDK vs TC-SST
  118. Question on the SST's workings
  119. Non OEM Shift knob for the TC-SST
  120. Pentosin FFL-4
  121. SST Filter.
  122. SSP EVO X SST PRO RED TRANS FLUID (Who's going to switch)
  123. TCU Flash?
  124. is this normal!!!??????
  125. SSP SST Upgraded Transmission Exchange Program
  126. RPM Jitters...
  127. Shep Trans Building Evo SST MR X Transmissions
  128. Where to buy OEM SSTF
  129. MR flash?
  130. Slow down warning appears at 90C
  131. Reset CEL
  132. Shifting in Manual mode
  133. SSP EVO X TC-SST Transmission Build
  134. SST Internals Versus Flashing
  135. AMS SST cooler&fan
  136. SST Dropping Even Gears
  137. BOOST Setting on Track
  138. 2 CEL issues
  139. can 2 transmission coolers be utilized?
  140. SSP Official Front Mount SST Transmission Cooler Thread
  141. SSP PRO SST CLUTCH PACKAGE (400whp) Stage 1
  142. SSP Transmission Inline Reusable Oil Filter
  143. EVO MR SST and Lancer Sportsback Ralliart SST
  144. Aftermarket SST oil
  145. AWC reflash messing with my SST?
  146. who has a picture of the SST Transmission cooler in wheel well?
  147. 2010 REPROGRAMED SST faster to 60
  148. limp mode while cruising
  149. Noisey SST
  150. SSP New Rep.
  151. SST stress !
  152. How do you drive your MR??
  153. 2010 EVO MR TCU in the 08?
  154. SST at 24h race
  155. SST acted up strangely today
  156. Another Ricer Idea; Vortex Generators in front of SST cooler
  157. 2010 MR tranny?
  158. 1st Evo X to really die
  159. Boost limit in 1st gear
  160. Anyone in the 30psi club?
  161. Intermittant no reverse
  162. anyone have any luck with Laminova heat exchangers?
  163. SST OBDII Codes & Info
  164. HKS Trans Cooler - Hose Fitting Dislodged
  165. Front wheels still turn while in park?
  166. Added to SST Team
  167. SST ECU/TCU Defined Normal mode shift points
  168. Increasing SST Hydrolic pressure for clutches for more power?
  169. SST Shifting at Rev Limiter
  170. DIY SST Trans Temp Gauge
  171. Reverse problems
  172. What up with the S-sport mode?
  173. SST Trans Temp Gauge w/OEM Pan
  174. When will there be a DIY thread on an oil change for the sst?
  175. Clutch Slippage causing codes?
  176. Possible to slip in second gear only?
  177. who left foot brakes with SST?
  178. Adding a fan to SST cooler
  179. SST on track?
  180. 08 MR 1500 miles wont switch to sport from normal
  181. MR transmission oil and Differential oil change
  182. SST won't Pick odd numbered gears.
  183. TC-SST software history
  184. Any news on cracking the SST software?
  185. SST Trouble
  186. ABS freakout on Dyno??
  187. SSP - 11 second MR build......
  188. So I took the plunge!
  189. Shift Shock on my TC-SST
  190. SSP - DCT seals are in
  191. Slipping??
  192. Boost plot + SST
  193. Mishimoto Universal Transmission Cooler
  194. Clutch Slipping vs TCU Limiting...
  195. Evo XXX SST Sexy Time W/Pics!
  196. Cold Air Intake for the MR...
  197. Can stock SST handle this?
  198. stt cooler from ssp sweet thx
  199. Launch control???need input??
  200. SSP clutch pack and seal install pics.
  201. When changing gears from 1st to 2nd sst?
  202. SSP clutch pack, steels, and seal performance review
  203. Car won't launch....
  204. TC-SST serviceable!
  205. Post you MR's HP/TQ
  206. Worlds First 500 whp MR!!
  207. New 09 MR, help!
  208. 500hp 403tq MR. SST boost limit defeated.
  209. Awkward Pedal Feel
  210. MR's delayed throttle response, need answers
  211. SST overheated. Now what?
  212. MR Tranny and drivetrain oil substitutes
  213. MR Rev Limiter
  214. mr need info - SST problems
  215. SST: Transmission Changes from 4th to 3rd gear on decel/low load conditions???
  216. When are clutch packs needed?
  217. SST Oil change
  218. Will stock MRs gain from TCU being cracked?
  219. CAN28-0 SST temps
  220. SST Part No
  221. SSP rear mount SST cooler, feedback
  222. Does your SST overheat at the track?
  223. SSP+MDR+IAG = New World Record !!
  224. SST Problems...anyone else?
  225. going back to 93 =(
  226. How-to change SST transmission fluid
  227. 1st gear acceleration vs 2nd gear
  228. Is their any way to disengage the SST transmission
  229. Few more DIY for SST tranny cooler
  230. New Oil for SST
  231. SST operating temps?
  232. Jack Rabbiting SST?
  233. HKS Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid for R35GT-R/ EVO X MR
  234. Need help with trouble shooting SST
  235. Manual mode but shifting automatically
  236. Downshift into 3rd not as well matched as others
  237. Slight forward jerk after engine start
  238. did anyone install a fan on transmission oil cooler?
  239. Relocating factory tranny cooler
  240. from 5sp to SST (GSR to a MR)
  241. Japan EVO X SST blog
  242. some leaks from transmission oil pan
  243. Acceleration Issues
  244. lag in ssport mode?
  245. Console shifter return springs made stiffer?
  246. How bad is this?
  247. SST slip, severe upshifts on odd gears
  248. P1808?
  249. Worlds First 11 second EVO X SST
  250. Loud sound from SST when starting up