: 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)

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  1. 5sp MT concerns?
  2. w5m6a 5 speed gear ratios & you
  3. Interesting info on the 5-speed
  4. Anyone rev matches???
  5. Clutch smelling
  6. Vibration through shift lever in 5th gear
  7. How much to replace flywheel?
  8. Problem with reverse!
  9. Whining noise in second gear
  10. Braided steel clutch line from an 03 viii on an X?
  11. Where to get DiaQueen?
  12. Problem: only having 3rd and 4th
  13. Under-Cover Panel
  14. Parts needed for clutch upgrade?
  15. Strange Launch Control / 2-step Behavior
  16. Questions on Clutch Install
  17. 5 speed transmission fluid change HOW TO
  18. 2nd to 3rd gear grinding issue
  19. Check Tarmac!
  20. transmission fluid
  21. Switched my tranny fluid to AMSOIL (a must read)
  22. 3-4 4-neutral resistance
  23. Works Short shifter
  24. What clutch and why?
  25. downshifting ..rev match or not?
  26. Signs for new Clutchmaster Cylinder
  27. Clutch talk
  28. Exedy Stage 2 HD single disk review
  29. Throw Out Bearing Removal
  30. 2 master cylinders down.....hopefully I dont have to go through another
  31. 1st to 2nd in WOT
  32. Hard to shift between gears?
  33. REVIEW: SPEC Super-Twin P-Trim Clutch
  34. Review: Spec Stage 2+
  35. Revving issue
  36. Ask a problem on clutch
  37. Burning smell?
  38. HOW TO change transmission fluid in 5 speed GSR
  39. Clutch is slipping lol
  40. Recommend Shop for clutch install
  41. beatin on the 5speed
  42. AMS underhood shifter bushings
  43. question about clutch break in
  44. Any One Know how to Install the MC?
  45. Ams Clutch Line
  46. TWM Performance Short Shifter
  47. CLUTCH REPLACEMENT; upcoming how to input needed
  48. Is this normal?
  49. Can't get this damn tranny out....
  50. shifting while drag raceing
  51. Oil Leak around Transmission
  52. 6 Speed Manual Transmission Evo X?!?
  53. Pics of my Spec Super Twin P Trim Clutch
  54. Carbonetic twin clutch kit
  55. Evo X GSR Only - Launching Techniques or Tips?
  56. Blew my Tranfer case!
  57. SSP Starting To Produce Performance Parts For You GSR Owners
  58. AMI CUSTOMS & SSP Joint Production!!!
  59. clutch under warranty
  60. All Those that have had Master Clutch cylinder problems POST HERE!
  61. MTF or MTG
  62. New clutch and flywheel
  63. How do I make my new clutch last 20k+?
  64. gear poping out from reverse
  65. GSR Needed
  66. GSR 5 speed limitations?
  67. When to replace clutch?
  68. Clutch Replacement in So Cal
  69. place to buy fluid?
  70. After the car warmed
  71. Exedy Stage 2 HD w/Prolite Flywheel: Review
  72. All those that have differential problem...silver gear oil, post hear.
  73. Clutch Engagement Point
  74. ams gate shifter bushing
  75. Magnetic Trans Fluid Drain Plug
  76. Help- Car won't start
  77. ME1 - HDSS Review?
  78. TWM Short Shifter/AMS Shifter Base Bushings
  79. Tranny whining.
  80. Clutch pedal vibrate, cannot put in gear?
  81. 5 speed manual clutch
  82. what happens if i have less than 3quarts of trans oil
  83. Should I keep my evo?
  84. Notchy Tranny
  85. 5th gear 2200RPM stuttering
  86. WORKS Short Throw Shifter vs. Stock
  87. Exedy Clutch
  88. Works under the hood shifter bushings
  89. Help! Did i screw up my tranny ?
  90. Third gear pops out
  91. Evo X GSR Reverse Gear Issue
  92. Taller 5th gear ratios available?
  93. Clutch and Flywheel question
  94. INPUT: need new clutch
  95. fluids
  96. Installing short shifter broke pivot ball cup... where to get one?
  97. have anyone heard some rotating noise??
  98. REVIEW: Redline Cocktail vs. Amsoil Gear Lube
  99. Constant whining noise, sounds like firetruck
  100. Daily Driver
  101. Clutch 8/9/x Question?
  102. 5 speed FAILURE
  103. Redline Cocktail - MT-90 and Heavy ShockProof
  104. AMS EVO X under hood shifter bushings do not fit!
  105. Best Clutch For Stock Frame turbo Upgrades.
  106. ACT sprung 6 puck no master cyl.?"s
  107. full face race clutch
  108. SSP Clutch Master Cylinder Tips....Video inside
  109. Alright! Broke my diff pins!!
  110. Uh oh........
  111. short shifter
  112. Do you know Diaqueen J2 oil?
  113. 5th gear ginding
  114. AMS shifter bushings for 2010 evo x's...
  115. WTF is gear whine on the 5MT
  116. ACT high RPM lockout
  117. XTR Clutch 6 puck? I'm going try it!
  118. Help brand clutch chattering
  119. Exedy Twin with stock MC.
  120. Traffic Light - Clutch In/Out
  121. Another Slipping Clutch for the Books.
  122. Exedy twin disc HD reviews
  123. Another review Spec 2+ clutch / act flywheel
  124. ACT 1-time Clutch problem. Need input!
  125. Price or time guide to a clutch and resurface of flywheel install....
  126. evo x notchy shifter
  127. another tranny fluid fix!
  128. Excessive driveline slop!?
  129. Clutch engaging point
  130. Center diff. AGAIN!
  131. Evo X Rs Gear
  132. severe engine vibration in first
  133. 4th & 5th Gear off throttle rattle/grinding sound.
  134. VERY hard to shift after clutch + gear oil change (help!)
  135. AMS Under Hood Shifter Bushings - Squeak
  136. Amsoil SEVERE GEAR Synthetic Lubricant 75W-90
  137. clutch master cylinder to clutch pedal connection
  138. what do i need for a problem free clutch upgrade?
  139. Order new t case from dealer 4gsr and it doesn't mount to the tranny please help
  140. Gear selector bushing?
  141. SSP CMC2 comes through
  142. clutch chatter issue
  143. dumb noob question sry
  144. scared to buy now
  145. Swapped to Red Line MTL today, Hmmm...
  146. The Daily Driver Clutch Upgrade Poll
  147. Royal Purple Syncromax
  148. MC and Diff pin question....
  149. Twin- or Triple- disc carbon clutch?
  150. My Exedy clutch is cracked to hell
  151. Clutch options in 2010 GSR
  152. Clutch Options 2010 GSR
  153. Favorite short shifter?
  154. Mr. Notchy's Gone!
  155. GSR Clutch Options
  156. Labor for replacing a clutch?
  157. loud grinding/vibration shifting into 2nd and 3rd..please help
  158. Recently Notchy
  159. is it bad skipping 2nd and 4th gear?
  160. **How to install the MAGNUS master cylinder upgrade**
  161. Decided on clutch masters... which clutch should I get?
  162. sticky 3 to 4
  163. How many changed their Master Cylinder?
  164. Driving the GSR Properly
  165. Short review on ZFR short shifter and base bushings
  166. Redline MT-90
  167. problem with my bushing
  168. Does your clutch smoke once its out?
  169. ACT ME1-HDSS and ACT Streetlite Flywheel Combo
  170. Differential: Welding versus new pins
  171. Drag strip on stock clutch? good or bad idea? best technique?
  172. Spec Clutch
  173. oil leak!!!???
  174. Best clutch above 400whp?
  175. Help me pick out a shift knob!
  176. Where can I order a magnus master cylinder from today?
  177. Clutch Pedal Adjustment
  178. SSP MC Instructions
  179. Torque Solutions short shifter and base bushings
  180. Clutch suggestions
  181. Input Shaft rattling noises?
  182. Solid metal under hood bushings
  183. Transmission makeover!!
  184. input shaft seal
  185. Slight shudder while letting out clutch
  186. Magnus CMC Failure
  187. Flywheel Bolt Torque and more
  188. stiff tranny due to cold weather?
  189. what is a good clutch?
  190. Super quick question!
  191. need help 2 step not working properly
  192. Review Redline Cocktail
  193. Is it necessary
  194. clutch slipping at less than 3k miles
  195. need clutch and what else
  196. Clutch install question regarding the subframe
  197. Clutch play after clutch pill delete
  198. Let's see if you can help me decide on the final clutch...
  199. Grinding noise in 1st/2nd WOT.
  200. Anyone run a WORKS CK1 clutch?
  201. Why cant't I get into reverse?
  202. MAP and Spec Stage 3
  203. T1r qs
  204. amsoil or redline for the tranny?
  205. short shifter question
  206. Clunk sound when shifting to 3rd
  207. 2008 GSR 4th Gear Whine
  208. Does anyone run the MAP aluminum flywheel?
  209. Trans shop in SoCal
  210. Replacing my clutch
  211. Can i use this oil?
  212. recent gear whine
  213. Video of throwout bearing disengagement
  214. Redline MT-85
  215. TWM Performance EVO X FULL REPLACEMENT, Short Throw Shifter
  216. 2010 diff pins?
  217. CMC question
  218. Umm WTF happened to 5th gear
  219. Cycle Testing the CMC at Magnus
  220. Competition: Stage 5 4 Pad Ceramic Clutch Kit
  221. Clutch Break-In
  222. Strange rattle
  223. RPM Spike, normal?
  224. Free 5speed shifting fix!
  225. Center diff pins backed out
  226. Quick Clutch Part Question
  227. TWM A6....Sweaty palms????
  228. Waranty on tranny ?!?
  229. 2010 GSR with no restrictor pill?
  230. Starter Problem?
  231. Neo Gear Oil
  232. Cm fx 400
  233. clutch is toast
  234. cmc????
  235. Any tips for attaching CMC Arm?
  236. Which ckutchcan take more drag abuse?
  237. Can yo u tell if this is a stock clutch? Pics*
  238. What is the REAL reason behind the notchy/grinding GSR transmissions?
  239. Exedy Stage 2 HD
  240. EDIT!!!
  241. Jacks Transmission; Evo X tech articles - Drive train issues from A-Z covered
  242. clutch pedal feel
  243. Ams Underhood bushing?
  244. clutch
  245. final drive
  246. shifter stuck?
  247. drive ability on the ACT 6puck
  248. Has anybody used Mobil 1 75w-80?
  249. need to replace my clutch, what else should i change?
  250. Spec Twin Disc Clutch Kit