: Evo X How-To

  1. How To: Factory Bluetooth Install for Evo X GSR
  2. How To: Make your own shift boot
  3. How To: Install Factory Nav system on your stock GSR
  4. How To: Perrin Manual Boost Controller Install
  5. How To: Install a Cone Filter to Factory Components
  6. How To: Install Fog Lights
  7. How To: Video camera mount
  8. How To: Evo X ECU Removal
  9. How To: AMS bushing install
  10. How To: AMS Under Hood Shifter Bushings
  11. How To: Carbon Fiber Fabric Installation
  12. How To: Insall LC-1 Wideband (permanent)
  13. How To: Install Fuel Pump
  14. How To: Install AMS Under Hood Shifter Bushings
  15. How To: Install SpeedCircuit CAI
  16. How To: Front Motor Mount Bushing
  17. How To: Wastegate Mod
  18. How To: Disable Daytime Running Lights (Non-SSS)
  19. How To: Install SpeedCircuit Catback Exhaust
  20. How To: Defi Boost Guage Install
  21. How To: Install HID bulbs into a Non SSS Evo X
  22. How To: Logging Wideband AFR via Rear O2 ECU ADC Input (Logging AFR without serial)
  23. How To: Install Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
  24. How To: Install Mole Skin Tint Protection
  25. How To: Submit a How To!
  26. How To: Replace Clutch (GSR)
  27. How To: Change Transmission Fluid (GSR)
  28. How To: Install H2O/Meth Injection
  29. How To: Logging Wideband AFR via Serial Connection (AEM UEGO)
  30. How To: Build a custom hitch for the Evo X and RalliArt that is completely hidden
  31. How To: Install Red Line Goods Leather Armrest
  32. How To: Install Coilovers
  33. How To: Side Skirt Fix
  34. How To: Removing Front Clip - Reposted
  35. How To: RedLineGoods Leather E-Brake Cover
  36. How To: Brake Pad Change
  37. How To: RedLineGoods Shift Boot for SST
  38. How To: Install Lowering Springs
  39. How To: Install HID bulbs into a non-SSS GSR - NO BUMPER REMOVAL!
  40. How To: Easy Wire-Tuck
  41. How To: MMCS Aux In Motion Bypass
  42. How To: Install Devil's Own Water Methanol Injection Kit
  43. How To: Install Cosworth MX1 Cams, Springs, & Head Gasket
  44. How To: Install Magnus Clutch Master Cylinder
  45. How To: Clean Injectors (Video)
  46. How To: Installing Lowering Springs
  47. How To: SpeedCircuit Firewall Heat Shield Install (PDF)
  48. How To: Aftermarket Bucket Seat Installation
  49. How To: SpeedCircuit Firewall Heatshield XL