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Car cranks but doesn't start. Please help.

MY car has had a slightly irregular idle the past few days (dips and rises 100 rpm every second or two) I'm not sure if its related, I started it up and drove three times today but after turning my car off the fourth time today I tried starting it after it sat for two hours and the engine cranks but doesn't start. I believe the battery is okay because all the lights work and so do all the other accessories. I tried jumping it with no success.

I should state that the car starts without the injector relay plugged in but it dies a second later. i tired switching it for anther one and starting it again with no luck. I had my friend start the car with the injector relay pulled out out and it sputtered to life and then I immediately pushed the relay back in and it held idle and ran. I have no idea what could of caused this.

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