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i had this exact problem in cold snowy weather.

I turned on my car and turned it off after a few seconds to reset my aem guage which didnt turn on the first time.

Unfortunately i didnt realize that this car has a system which dumps fuel when colder into the engine, and if you turn it off right away it can flood the engine.

so i was stuck trying various things to get the car working, including popping clutch and jumping battery.

Finally tried a combination of both, where my battery was being jumped, and I was starting the car but also popping the clutch in first gear whilst giving it gas with my right foot.Engine finally came to life

Basically while you are starting the car (with jumper cables hooked)
Release the clutch to "lurch" the car forward as if its going to stall, but right on the edge of stall- depress the clutch again to prevent it from actually stalling and the forward lurching motion should help get the engine going

all the while ur right food should be giving it throttle (air)
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