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Car won’t start (no fuel)

The car sat for a month or so and when I went to start it, it would crank but not start. So I checked spark, getting spark. Checked fuel, no fuel coming from the pump. So I replaced fuel pump with a DW65 drop in. Still no fuel. I hardwired the old fuel pump to the battery and it worked just fine, so I didn’t even need to replace the fuel pump. I’ve gone through all the regular fuses and even swapped around the relays and still not getting fuel. I thought maybe the ecu got locked up so I reflashed on the last known good tune. Still nothing. I’m exhausting almost all my options, all I can think of left is maybe to try and replace the crank position sensor. Anyone else run into these codes and have no start up?

The car is a 2010 X SE with SST trans

I’m getting codes from evoscan
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