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2013 Evo X Arashi locked by Swiss tuner

Hi All, my first post, go easy please

New to Evo Xís, but have experience of tuning early Imprezaís (up to WRX/sti04) and Evoís (up to Evo 8) using EcuTek products. Iím looking to buy a 2013 Evo X Arashi and ultimately use FlashECU to reprogram it - but it has been tuned by a Swiss tuner, and they have somehow locked the ECU (they say, I havenít tried reading ECU yet with EcuFlash). The Mitsubishi dealership selling the car on behalf of owner suggest they should be able to use their ECU tools to reflash a standard ROM onto the car, and I can then read it again.

Is this true? I thought Iíd need to do a bench flash to over write what the tuner had done with a stock ROM, and was worried how to identify the correct ROM to use - can Mitsubishi dealerships do it for me safely, and then I can use ECUFlash to read the stock ROM as a base for programming?

Iíve test driven the car, the tuning is not that great IMO - based on another test drive of a stock 2015 final edition it just seems to overboost a little without that much more up top. Fairly sure I could do better myself, given my experience tuning the old 250ps Evo 8 to over 300ps using EcuTek.

Sorry, Iím sure answer is here somewhere already, but a quick search didnít reveal what I needed.

Many thanks, Richard
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