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Update time: I negotiated with Mitsu dealership to use their tools to flash it back to stock, and bought the car. Silly me, they said they’d put the latest software on it, and they have...but that’s version 56910011...standard definitions that come with ECUFlash only go up to 56910009...means I can read the ROM, but get an ECUFlash error “no definition file found”...

If i manually select the 56910009 definition file, ECUFlash opens the ROM OK, which is good.

I also have a stock oem 0009 ROM from a friend.

I assume I can then transfer the immobilizer and other dedicated car specific code, and then try and write the earlier ROM back to my ECU? And then I have a ROM file that lots of folks have already done work on, and would be the best base for me to start tuning with?

Does anyone know for sure?

Not sure if anyone is interested, but if anyone wants the latest Mitsu Evo X 56910011 ROM file, let me know

Cheers, Richard
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