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FIC 2150 Injectors Pump 91

Hey guys,

Ive been trying to search around but havent really found anything pertaining to others running the FIC 2150s on their X's on pump 91. Just curious to see how you like them? How the car idles? etc etc.. I know it'll probably idle rich but how bad?

I have a set for my X but haven't installed them since I'm still on my break-in tune (opensource). Ive been debating getting selling these and getting some ID1700's but not too sure. I'm mainly going to run pump for "daily" driving and switch to e85 once in awhile.

Some info on my build:

Darton sleeved 2.0
ETS 5" intercooler
ETS intercooler piping
MAP 3.5" Intake
450 walbro
AMS Fuel Rail
Fuel Lap FPR
BC stage 2 cams

Wondering if someone has a similar fuel setup and how your car idles?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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