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So I’ve been throwing the pump failure code intermittently since I replaced a broken clutch fork over 4 months ago. I don’t tend to get the light when it’s cold outside but when it warms up it’s on all the time. When the fork was replaced the ACD pump was never bled, could that have caused failure? And cam bleeding the system now do anything to salvage the pump? Already have a new pump coming in but I wanted to confirm that it may not just be an issue resolved by bleeding the system. Appreciate the responses.
If you didn't remove the transfer case then I don't imagine that it will need bled.

And by remove, I mean disconnecting the pressure line and completely pulling the transfer case from the car.
Thanks for the response, just ended up throwing the new pump on and getting it bled. Guess it was probably just a sucky coincidence that the pump went out right after I fixed the clutch fork.
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