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AEM 50-1220 Fuel Pump Install questions

Hello EVO X Community:

I have a few questions about this particular fuel pump I am getting ready to install.

1. Do I need a fuel pump install kit to install this pump? IE MAP or Kozmic?

2. Will the stock harness plug into this fuel pump without modifications?

3. I read an article by Road Race Engineering stating that the stock fuel stock needs to be used. Does anyone know what the part number is for this? I rather buy a new one than reuse the old one.

4. Are the submersible 2 fuel hoses in the fuel pump basket E85 Compatible or do I need to buy specific E85 hoses to swap? If I do need to buy the hoses, where should I get them from? Part numbers etc.

5. Can I install this and drive around until I get tuned?

Sorry for the newb questions if these questions have already been answered. I just want to make sure that I am not buying extra or missing things I need when I have it all apart.

Thanks in advance
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