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Originally Posted by adi105 View Post
I am searching for a good symmetrical piston for the Evo X. I am not a fan of the asymmetrical design that Wiseco and JE have adopted. I wanted to get some opinions from you guys on what the most solid brand of piston is, and your opinions on an asymmetrical vs symmetrical design on them. Any advice is appreciated!
Wiseco does not list their K636M86 "Evo X HD" piston as asymmetrical. That being said, if you need a set, I have one that I purchased a year or so ago. I can look at them and verify this information for you, but I believe they are not asymmetrical. Feel free to PM me if you want them, 450 shipped BNIB

If I was to get any other piston, I would personally purchase Diamond.

As far as the benefits of an asymmetrical piston, its supposed to reduce friction and wear on the down stroke, and reduce piston weight. But as far as you are concerned, all I could ever surmise is that for a street car that isn't trying to squeeze it all out, you won't see the difference

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