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I recently installed a LED headlight conversion kit on my 2012 Mazda 3. I used the H13 kit in 4300k. I got the set off ebay for $67. The 4300k color is very close to OEM with the ever-slightest blue hue. I have installed many HID conversion kits in the past on both cars and motorcycles. I would say that the light output is almost exact same as the HIDs (35w HIDs vs 25w LEDs). It is almost hard to tell them apart from the HIDs, as they look very similar. The LED light bulbs themselves have one CREE LED each. The LED headlights are 'instant on', as opposed to the HIDs that need to heat up before full light is achieved. I know that this only takes a few seconds and is not a big deal, just figured I'd put that out there. I would definitely recommend these as an equivalent option to HID conversion kits.

Apparently these are not supposed to be used on headlights that use a dust cover on the back. The headlight bulbs are very long (there is a small fan with a heatsink on the end of the bulbs. The fans run whenever the headlights are on), and you wouldn't be able to use the dust covers. These dust covers have a rubber gasket on them to keep water off the light bulb and out of the headlight. I just happened to be lucky, because I did not know this, and my headlights (H13) don't have a dust cover, but a gasket around the base of the light bulb itself to seal the bulb and headlight housing. I am not sure what size bulb the EVO X uses.

One important thing to note is that the LED headlight bulbs don't get hot. OEM bulbs, whether HID or halogen, give off ample amounts of heat. In the winter time, this heat helps melt away ice and snow on your headlights. Since I just installed this kit, I haven't been through a winter yet, so don't know, or think, that this will be an issue. I think some OEM LED headlights (Audi, BMW, STi, etc.) have heaters on the headlights themselves to help with this issue. I am not 100% sure on this, and if someone else knows, please tell. Here are pics of the headlights I purchased. I will try to take some pics of the headlights tonight.

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