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Is My Evo X Dead?

Hi all. I think I have to finally give up on my Evo X, but really don't want to, so any pointers or advice to what might be causing problems would be seriously appreciated.

To give you a quick lo down. I got my 2008 GSR Evo X on the 20th of October last year from a Japanese car auction (Yes I live in Japan). The car is heavily modded and done a little under 70k miles. The mods are clearly extensive, but I don't know all the details, besides cosmetic, shocks, exhaust, cam, and having the ECU worked on.

I promptly drove the car back from the auction without noticing too many problems, seemed a bit sketchy in automatic, but shifts etc were fine in manual and I didn't see any issue with power or obvious problems. Basically after driving back for 4 or 5 hours or so on various roads and motorways my conclusion was that it just needed dialing in, mapping and some ecu work, I certainly wasn't too worried. Anyway in less than a week of having the car back I went down to the local supermarket and when I cam out the car was dead.

It was almost as if the battery was dead. After trying myself to get it started I gave up and called a local garage I use for basic routine maintenance. They tried to jump start etc, but in the end gave up and took it back to the garage. After a while they concluded the the car was basically F**ked and gave up on it. I spoke with some mates who know a lot more about cars than I do and they said they would be very surprised if the problems were that major without any prior symptoms (my thoughts exactly). Something was clearly a miss, but as the local garage is a bit of a small Micky Mouse operation I decided to send it to Mitsubishi.

The Car is now still at Mitsubishi, and it seems they clearly can't fix the problem either. It's been over 6 months now and I'm at the end of my tether. The conclusion from the first garage was the as the engine wasn't holding compression, it was broke, and therefor they were done with it. It seemed they jumped to this conclusion without first trying some basic fixes. I'm also a little worried that these guys may have done more damage than good. They said they reset the ECU and clearly tinkered with other stuff. After a while at Mitsubishi the conclusion was that the ECU was broke (somewhat logical), so I forked out for a new ECU, but still no fix. They said after changing the ECU it was trying to start, but basically still wasn't firing. Starter motor my first thought?

I've got my second kid due to be born at the end of June and am up to my neck in it with work, so as much as I'd like to get my car fixed and drive it, it's also come to the point where I feel like the Mitsubishi guys aren't going to be able to fix it, and after over six months I should cut my losses and just sell it.

Sorry for the long ramble. Any help would be really genuinely appreciated.
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