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Hey, what's going on ladies & gents?

So I'm finally returning back to the states and looking to buy an Evo. Previously I've owned a 04 Mazda 3s 5 speed and a Toyota Altezza 3SGE 6 speed.

Right now I'm looking at mainly Evos from steelerships mainly because I'm looking for a bone stock one. This car is going to be my DD so I'm looking to do mods to it that keep it reliable and still a DD. I'm looking in the $20-30k range with the newest year I can find and least amount of miles. I plan on having this car for at least 2 engine rebuilds so I don't mind spending more at a dealership where the previous owner just couldn't afford their payments or the car got too expensive to run.

Anyway, the mods I plan on doing asap and all at once are Cobb's stage 3 kit (SRI, acessport, turbo back, boost control) along with all Hardline intercooler pipes. Then a pro tune. Which will be in the $3500 range for all that. Following that I plan on doing Ohlins coil overs for around another $3000. Other mods I plan on are rims but that's way down the line. My vision for this car is to be a "sleeper" Evo. I want the outside to remain as close to stock as possible while slowly building up the engine and handling. I also want to be able to track on the weekends every now and again.

Lmk if there is anything else to look out for while buying from a dealership (other than normal stuff to look out for in cars in general) or what other mods I should do in conjunction with the ones above.

So an Evo has been my dream car since I was in middle school (I'm now 22) lol, and now I finally get the opportunity to actually own one and I'm jumping on it. I've done a lot research about this car over the years. I've been heavily into cars my whole life and have always done all my own work on both my cars. But now it's time to own a real big boy car lol.

A little about me, I grew up and lived almost my whole life in Jersey. I use to race quads for a small period but have driven or ridden anything that's has wheels and an engine my entire life. During middle school, I use to work on small engine stuff like lawn mowers and snow blowers to make money as my own small business. After HS, I moved to SC, NC, FL, Japan (where I owned my Altezza) and now I'm going back to Jersey for a little bit (where I plan on buying my Evo) then headed to AZ for a few years.

Anyway looking forward to some feedback, thanks!

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