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Originally Posted by chetrickerman View Post
Hello everyone. If you are looking for an E-tune, look no further. Reliability is always number 1 when I tune, power is second.

I am a medically retired Army veteran and am home all day virtually everyday, so I am able to make revisions very fast, typically within 1-2 hours of me receiving the logs.

For anyone not familiar with E-tuning, its pretty simple, it just takes time (more or less depending on the setup). Basically, you send me a list of mods that you have on your car, then I create a custom basemap set up for those mods and I email it to you. You flash that basemap to your car, and inform me of any drivability issues, if there are any. You take datalogs of the issues, and I fix them, then its on to WOT tuning. You go do 3 consecutive third gear pulls and email me the datalogs from it. I make the appropriate adjustments and send the revised ROM back to you. That process repeats until the tune is finished.

I do require that you have a wideband, and either a cobb AP, or a tactrix openport 2.0. If you are interested or have a question, feel free to shoot me a PM. Price of tunes vary depending on the setup/mods to your car.

Thanks for reading
Sir, if you are miraculously still available...I would be honored to get an e-tune by you. Could you send me a PM so I can provide details and get payment info if you are still active?

I've done an AP E-tune successfully with AMS recently...nothing to complain about, had great response from the car but I'd like to add some parts now that will nullify that locked out tune and your reputation seems to be quite positive.

Kindest regards,
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