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Mod lists and plans

What do u guys think of this mod list in this order?

Stage 1:
-Cobb stage 3 kit (Intake, turbo back, boost control, access port)
-Cobb intercooler pipes upper and lower
-Cobb BPV

Stage 1.5:
-Pro tune

Stage 2:
-Ohlins coil overs
- Cobb sway bars

Step 3:
-Fuel injectors?
-Fuel pump?
-Recaro seats
-Rays TS06 wheels

What is your opinions on these mods and the order of them? The ones I'm curious on are if I should do the Injectors and pump earlier or later. I plan on eventually upgrading the turbo and cams, etc, but that's years down the road, so I wanna prep for that but not over due it in the beginning and waste money on stuff I could do later.

My plan for this car is to keep the outside as stock as possible but build the motor. It's going to be a DD for me so I do need it to be reliable. However, I plan on bringing it to the track every now and then, along with possibly dragging it (not often though)
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