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Originally Posted by Cheshire Cynic View Post
Advice from someone who bought their first Evo last summer:
Make sure it's had the center diff upgraded if it's an 08-10 (pins can come out and wreck stuff - unfortunate firsthand knowledge).
Make sure it's had the AYC pump replaced. They crap out when exposed to cold weather, and your stability control will stop working (also firsthand knowledge).
If you plan to DD it, opt for upgraded sway bars instead of coilovers. These cars are already pretty stiff on stock suspension and sit low enough that you have to worry about scraping on speed bumps and inclined driveways. I don't have any personal experience with coilovers, but I've read that plenty of people that have put them on their DDs ended up going back to stock due to the harshness of coilovers on the streets. If you thought potholes were rough now... XD

Hope that helps a little at least! Best of luck, and I hope you end up with the badass Evo of your dreams!
Thanks dude! What year Evos does the pump and center dif does it effect? I'm primary looking at 2014-2015 models. So far I've been doing a lot of reading and scrubbing around d on forums and this is my upgrade path so far:

Stage 1:
-Cobb stage 3
-Cobb intercooler pipes
-Cobb BPV

Stage 1.5:
-Pro tune

Stage 2:
-Ohlins coil overs
- Cobb sway bars

Step 3:
-Fuel injectors?
-Fuel pump?
-Recaro seats
-Rays TS06 wheels

Lol, ive gotten bored while I wait to buy one.

Anything else particular about these cars to look out for when buying?
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