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Originally Posted by EvoXRed View Post
Originally Posted by Quadrider10 View Post
Thanks dude! What year Evos does the pump and center dif does it effect? I'm primary looking at 2014-2015 models. So far I've been doing a lot of reading and scrubbing around d on forums and this is my upgrade path so far:

Stage 1:
-Cobb stage 3
-Cobb intercooler pipes
-Cobb BPV

Stage 1.5:
-Pro tune

Stage 2:
-Ohlins coil overs
- Cobb sway bars

Step 3:
-Fuel injectors?
-Fuel pump?
-Recaro seats
-Rays TS06 wheels

Lol, ive gotten bored while I wait to buy one.

Anything else particular about these cars to look out for when buying?
If you're moving to AZ and you want to keep the car for such a long time, you might want to think about buying the car in AZ versus NJ. Theres a higher probability that there will be less rust/corrosion on the underside of the car from snow/salt on the roads.

Make sure to look at the service history if possible. Diff fluid needs changed if the car has 30K in miles. Most folks on here would recommend changing it sooner for preventative maintenance and how hard the car was driven.

Look at the exhaust bolts to see if they have been tampered with, usually means it was modded and returned to stock.

I would also add the Whiteline roll center kit to your suspension upgrades once you lower the stance. Noticeable difference in handling on the track and is still comfortable for daily driving.

Anyways, good luck with your search. Lots of good cars out there for sale and they are still holding their values.

Thanks, I will definitely be looking out for that stuff.

Although I'll be living in AZ, my home of address will still be NJ, so it will be significantly easier to buy in NJ, however, there are only 12 in a 100 mile radius where I live, and 2 of them I went to go look at were trashed. So if I can't find one in NJ, I'll have to deal with the headaches of buying in AZ but registration in NJ.

For suspension, I actually don't plan on lowering it. I like the stock ride height. But we'll see how AZ is as far as terrain. I heard it's flat there 😂 lol.
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