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Originally Posted by Metal_AF View Post
Originally Posted by Quadrider10 View Post
That's a reason I wanted an Evo so bad, it's been around for a while lol

So u r saying don't get the down pipe or get it for bigger turbo options?

Also what are my open source options? I haven't looked into any of that nor heard of open source tuners.
Stay on the oem downpipe until you do the turbo. A lot of the kits include the downpipe.
Take that $350 and grab a firmer front engine mount/bushing, and sway bar/end-links. Those 2 stupid little things change the feel of the car so much, really noticeable. Probably the easiest things to install too.

Browse through the forums and find an etuner. There are some good ones that you will see mentioned often.
*TACTRIX/OPENPORT cable for accessing the ECU.
*Evoscan for logging.
*ECUFlash for flashing.
Awesome! Thanks I'll look into all of this more.
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