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Originally Posted by kidneythief13 View Post
As I’m sure many of you guys know, Ken (aka kge0003) has a lot of useful knowledge about automobile accident damage & claims. Well, he approached me wanting to help those on here involved in collisions even more so. After some discussion with the other staff & Ken, we have decided that he deserves his own stickied thread where those needing such help can obtain information.

So, for those unfortunately involved in an accident or situation in which their Evo X has been damaged, Ken & this thread are here to help you. Basically, you guys can either post your story/question in this thread or link to your pre-existing thread. Ken will then try & help you guys out. Others should of course feel free to post responses as you would in a “normal” thread about someone’s accident.

Thank you very much Ken for helping out on here! It is much appreciated.
Hi guys Iam driving a 2015 Evo X sst with 12000km on the clock. The car was in a accident, after fixing it does not want to crank. The scan tool just give me fault codes like U0001 , B1731. Pls if you guys can help me.
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