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Sadly, I can add my name to this list.

Last week while on the way to work on the freeway I was rear-ended. Traffic was slowing due to typical jams during that time. The driver behind me apparently wasn't paying attention. They tried to avoid me by swerving quickly to the right, but they did not make it. This is why the damage is on the rear and quarter panel areas on the right. I estimate they hit me at probably 20-25mph but it's really hard to say. They did end up probably 150 ft. in front of me if that tells you anything.

Initial estimate from the body shop was ~$5800. Current estimate is up to $11,800. Currently at the body shop being worked on. I knew it was going to be way higher when I saw the broken suspension bits under the car.

My only concern so far is that they are only replacing the one tire that was damaged, and they only specified a 2 wheel alignment. I though we had to replace all tires when something like this happens? Or at least in pairs. I mentioned this when I first dropped off the car but will ask them about it again tomorrow.

OK, guess I can't post photos/links until I have a postcount...strange, I guess this is my first post.

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