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Spending some $$ on upgrades, want to make sure I'm doing it right

Hey all, I have an '08 X.

Current "engine" mods:
3" turbo back Greddy with Test Pipe
3" ETS Intercooler
Grimmspeed EBC
ETS CIA and piping
Full tune at Boostin' Performance in Chicago

Currently making 325hp/350tq at the wheels on a Mustang

I took the car to the track last year and had an absolute blast. I'd really like to up the power, and am curious what you guys think about my plan. Anything I would need/should add. Any estimate of power at the wheels with the below modifications? I want to make sure I do it all right the first time so I don't end up spending another $500-1000 on re-tuning it.

My plan is:
TF06 18k Turbo
ID1300 Injectors
Walbro 450 fuel pump
GSC S2 Cams (and upgrades springs)
Driven Fab Flex Fuel Kit
Tephra Mod
Full Tune for E85/93/Race gas

I'm hoping for at least 450hp at the wheels espeically with E85, though honestly I would expect more from the setup. Any issues with safety of the engine? Anything people would recommend.

Thanks all!!

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