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AYC Pump Motor keeps burning out.

hopefully someone can help me out here as i am now pulling my hair out with an issue with the AYC pump in a FQ300 SST. the pump died in January and seems the previous owner did a job on a frankinpump with a really odd motor.

either way the motor and pump where beyond help so i bough a complete refurb unit and installed.

now everytime i install the unit i bleed the system using the bleed tool you connect to the solenoids and manually bleed the system.

i start the car and hear the motor kick in/prime and turn off after 3/5 seconds, no lights on the dash. i drive 3 miles down the road and the motor dies and burns out. i have now had the motor re-built 5 times.

i am starting the think there must be another issue, maybe ayc computer or wiring but have no idea, anyone ever seen this and can you point me in the right direction?

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