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Autopower Rollbar First Impressions

It took me forever to create this thread. After having the Autopower Industries Roll bar in my possession for more than 2 months, I finally decided to give it an honest full try to try and install it. I hit a major milestone today....hence this thread.

The first time that I tried to sneak the roll bar into the back of the car, I was able to get one end of it in successfully, but was never able to get the second end in as either the rear door or the Side-skirt (SSS) would come in the way. I also ended up scratching the side-skirt ever do lightly because of my failed attempt.

Well.. today, I decided to give a better try. The first time I tried this, I was severely constrained in space to try and coax the bar into the cabin. So I decided to take off the rear seat. I first moved the front seats all the way to the front. I then removed the rear seat (only the ass part). I then tried to get the roll bar in. I was greeted with the same failure as last time, since the roof was also a limitation at this point.

I then jacked the car up and tried to see if I could get the Side skirt off. Guess what....the fucking Side-Skirt is riveted in. Mist screws in the support brace like any bolt on, but then it staples the actual Side-Skirt cover on to that support brace with rivets.

After wasting an hour trying to figure that piece out, I moved to try and remove the rear door panel. I did not remove the whole door, just the inner plastic black panel. The second foot of the roll bar still would not come in because of the door or the Side-Skirt still coming in the way by about a millimeter. At this point, I said FUCK THIS SHIT and put my foot and some weight on the Side-Skirt. This broke the roll bar's foot clear and before I knew it, The roll bar had slid in! HOORAY!

PS: I did end up scratching the side skirt a little bit though (Picture below). This would be very easy if you do not attempt to do it alone. The bar is HEAVY! I am not a weak guy, but carrying that bar in ungodly positions made me beg for mercy at least a couple of times.

I took the opportunity to completely remove my rear seat and the seat belts. I also took out my trunk panels completely except for the Sub-woofer.

My next step is to actually drill the holes on the floor and the wheel well and screw this biatch in! Although, I don't think I am nearly adept enough to attempt that unless somebody gives me some easy DIY pointers.

At this point, I am just happy I did not have to remove any front seats.

I wish the package came with better instructions for noobs like me!
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