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Originally Posted by jonhix View Post
You could wait on the fuel mods until you get the turbo and install all of that at once and go for your 2nd tune unless you want to run e85 on the stock turbo
Ok, I didn't know if fuel mods would make any difference on stock turbo, looks like I'll be saving money there until I upgrade the turbo. No plans to run e85. Idk how accessable it will be in the states I'll be driving in.

Originally Posted by mikelbring View Post
You can save a lot of money not going with cobb's kit or the accessport. Better to go open source and just finding the parts your self not buying them off cobb.

With that said, intake, EBCS, and test pipe are the best bang for your buck and make around 350whp. Downpipe doesn't do much for stock turbo. Not worth the hassle and cost on stock turbo.
I'm actually kinda set on Cobb parts simply because they come in a "kit" look fairly stock and I also get a %15 discount from them.

I thought about just scrapping the down pipe cause I read that it does nothing for stock turbo, but ultimately for an extra $350 it will just be more prepared for a bigger turbo down the road.

The acessport port I'm also set on cause it does way more than just flashing the ECU and gives some really good data with it.
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