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Evolution X GSR
Satin Dark Grey Metallic 3M Wrap (Apex Silver base)
Base Model
I am the original owner of this 2008 Evo X GSR. I bought it originally to replace my 05 SRT-4 as a daily driver and autocross/track toy.
I've owned this car since brand new. It has been a love hate relationship, yet somehow this is the one car I have owned the longest of all my vehicles.

Started off rocky with first engine spinning bearing @3k miles of ownership completely bone stock (no tune, no nothing). Short block was replaced under warranty although dealership claimed it was abused based on clutch wear. Had them throw the stock "abused" clutch back in with the "new" engine and it lasted the life of the second engine.

Car spent this period of it's life as my daily driver and autocross car (which I did religiously every month for years). After I built up a little confidence in the rebuilt engine, began modding and tuning the car.

Second engine lasted to 93k miles, at which point lost compression on cylinder number 4 due to cracked piston ring land. Pushed that motor hard on stock turbo and fuel system with nearly full bolt ons at 26psi daily driven. During that time it was self tuned by me, and ran the last 30k miles with no tune changes/updates. I believe this engine probably failed due to being too close to the limit (running 95% injector duty cycles), and in general age of the fuel system eventually taking its toll on the engine.

When the second engine went, the car was retired from daily driver duty, and sat for a number of years as a unfinished project. in 2018, I found a great deal on a factory long block with all the accessories including turbo and clutch. Decided to bite the bullet, buy it and drop it in so that I could enjoy the car while slowly rebuilding the engine that had the cracked piston for bigger power.

Needless to say the car has been running for almost 2 years now on that third motor, and I have begun modding it even more, stepping up to an MHI 18k turbo and supporting mods. Current fuel system should support much more than I am making. Car is still street tuned by me, but I have now clue how much power it is making.




ETS UICP, ETS IC, ETS Intake, TiAL QR BOV, MAPerformance Cast SS Exhaust Manifold, MHI 18K Turbo, Thermal Zero Manifold Blanket, Grimmspeed 3-port Boost Control Solenoid, MAPerformance Coolant Reservoir/Oil Catch Can, Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors, Radium Fuel Rail/Damper/Regulator, Walbro 450lph, Clutchmasters FX400 full face segmented clutch.
Defi 30psi Boost Guage, NGK AFX Wideband, Torque Solutions short shifter w/weighted knob.
Wrapped in 3M Satin Dark Grey Metallic vinyl, Seibon CSL Style carbon trunk, Rexpeed hood scoop, Clubspec Chicago mesh hood vents.
JVC Apple Carplay Head Unit, with JDM double DIN radio trim
DEPO Projector headlamps (car originally had base Halogen housings) with LED bulbs and LED fogs
AMS Cast SS Downpipe, Speed Circuit Test Pipe, ETS V2 Cat-back
Ohlins/WORKS tuned Coilovers w 8k/8k F/R springs
Wheel and Tire
Rays Gramlights 57CR, Gun Blue II, 18x10.5 et22, wrapped in 265/35 Hankook RS-4


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