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Lancer Evolution GSR
Purchased bone stock, except for badass (and abolutely necessary, if you want any buffer at all to the stares!) tinted windows. Answers to "Hordak" (named by 5-year-old daughter, after the bad guy from She-Ra). If Hordak had owned a sports sedan, it would have looked like this.

Owning this car so far is truly an awesome experience. Lookswise, it is sex on wheels. It feels so safe because of the AWD and how well it handles, yet is so much fun because of its power.

My commute is the absolute highlight of my day. Relaxing yet exciting, thrilling and satisfying.

So far have bought a Valentine One radar detector, (for use only when no kids are in the car, of course,) but I am planning to do some small mods, like a new horn and new aluminum shifter knob, to warm up.

Then, new tires and rims, then, carbon fiber hood, wing and front bumper lip. After warranty expires, cold air intake. And then that's it, I swear.

Long May You Run!


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