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    I am the original owner of this exceptionally well cared for 2008 EVO X MR. This car has never been launched and it was never tracked. At 58K miles, I was doing some consulting work in Salt Lake City and learned about the pros at Wasatch Turbo Factory. This shop is one of the best in the...
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  3. Evo X General
    I've been researching Evolutions for about a month and, thus far, the only things I'm really watching out for (beyond typical used car trouble spots) are: * condition of the exterior paint * AWD pump failures * ECU failures If I purchase an Evolution anywhere else other than a Mitsubishi...
  4. Evo X General
    So, i'm pretty new to the whole Evo scene... my question is very generalized- what would you prefer a 2008 MR or a 2010 SE .. & a nice few reasons why? i'm looking towards purchasing an Evo within the next 2 months, and in my town, everyone cruises around with their sti's and tries to race...
  5. Evo X General
    Casting new competition series, we will put 4 car fanatics up against each other to show off their most prized vehicles. 4 contestants and their cars will compete against each other for the title of “Ultimate Driving Machine.” You and your cars will be judged by the other owners and the driver...
1-5 of 5 Results