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  1. '08+ Lancer General
    I have everything turbo ready for my build but my ecm is my problem. I’m hearing get one from evo or flash my stock one. Any suggestions or help
  2. '08+ Lancer Common Vanity
    Hey, first post. I drive a 2011 ES, and want to put a side mounted license plate bracket on it. Will an OEM Evo bracket fit, or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks in advance!
  3. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    I've tuned a few 2011 GSRs it just me, or do they seem more sensitive to knock than other years? Mind you, I don't hear audible knock, but I get a few knock counts even on a stock tune on a stock car. Is it just me?
  4. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    Are tephramods available for 2011 and 2012?
  5. Meets, Shows, & Events Photos
    THANK YOU to MMNA for hosting a MOD for us East Coasters again this year! It was definitely a hit. Also, thanks to everyone who came out. Got pics? Post them here. SpeedCircuit booth & Cars:
  6. News
    Thanks to everyone involved with our 4th annual EvoXForums Show & BBQ. This year's event was paid for by the generous folks over at While it wasn't our biggest turnout, this was easily one of the most fun shows we've had. Despite the constant hard rain (and the...
  7. Meets, Shows, & Events
    When: Saturday, October 8 · 9:00am - 2:00pm Where: Riversharks Stadium Camden, NJ401 N. Delaware Ave. Camden, NJ 08102,+NJ401+N.+Delaware+Ave.+Camden,+NJ+08102&hl=en&cid=12011839763240050318 What: For our annual Mitsubishi...
  8. Evo X Turbo
    Here is a tune we did this last Saturday. Super cool guy with a very nice 2011 Evo X came to us with some basic bolt ons wanting to get the thing running how it should. He was having poor results with an off-the-shelf tune he had been running. We switched from a Cobb Accessport to opensource...
  9. Meets, Shows, & Events
    Just like every year, it's time to start preparing for Carlisle. Carlisle Performance & Style May 14 - May 15, 2011 If you are signing up for the judged showfield, register as "SpeedCircuit" for your car club/association. If we...
  10. Evo X Tuning
    Finally got around to tuning my personal X. The only mod to the car in the base run was a set of RPF-1's (lighter than stock wheels). I am pretty happy with it and I know there is more in it. No need to push it though, Its a lot of fun to drive now. Last year I tuned a friend of mines car...
1-10 of 11 Results