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  1. Help with overboost/datalogging

    Cobb AccessPort
    New to the AP world, was wondering if someone could take a peak at these datalogs and see if anything looks out of the ordinary. Was spiking to around 26 psi on the stage 1 93 v403 tune. Reflashed to the LWG tune and now I'm around 24psi, which is slightly higher than the map calls for. Car is...
  2. Cobb AP v3 Question.

    Evo X Performance
    I am planning on buying AP for my Evo X. I am somewhat curious if it is mandatory to follow the setup that each Stage Map call for. For instance, Stage 1 + SF requires all stock + COBB SF intake, I was wondering if I can use this tune if I had AEM CAI instead of COBB intake. All other MAP tunes...
  3. Using Cobb AP for the gauges on a modified Evo X?

    Evo X Tuning
    I just bought a used Evo X that has been modified an tuned. It has cams/springs, intake, UICP, and BOV im pretty sure. It did not come with gauges or a dyno graph so I was wondering what was the best way for me to monitor boost and other values and maybe even see how much power its making? I...
  4. Couple weird things after flashing map with Cobb AP v3

    Cobb AccessPort
    So, my current setup is only an Injen CAI w/ UICP and a TS BOV on 50/50. I just recently married my v3 Cobb AP to my GSR. I followed all of the MAF and Load calibrations provided by the spreadsheet and instructions in the video supplied by Cobb on their support website. So here is the...
  5. 2015 Evo X GSR with Cobb Accessport

    Evo X Tuning
    Hi, I just purchased a 2015 Evo X GSR and I just purchased a Cobb Accessport v3. I am looking to monitor stock conditions until COBB releases the tunes for their SF intake along with their catback exhaust. Is their anyone with experience with the 2015's? The only difference between the 14 to...
  6. Cobb Stage 3 stock downpipe

    Evo X General
    Hey guys I've been running my car with the cobb stage 2 map and I only have a hfc and catback in terms of my exhaust. I understand that it is safe to run the stage 2 this way but I'm looking into picking up an ebcs to get a custom tune but i was wondering if until I get the tune that it would be...
  7. Overboost help

    Cobb AccessPort
    Hello, I am currently running my car with an invidia cbe, k&n intake, and cobb stage 1 lwg ACN91 calibrated for the intake but I noticed that I have been exceeding target boost, because at times my boost goes up to about 28psi and stays there for up to a second. I'm new to evos and don't know...
  8. 10% off Accessports! 5/21 One day only!

    COBB Tuning
  9. Not using an Accessport? Try COBB for cheap!

    Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Get some love from COBB for Valentine’s day! For the month of February, trade-in your Tactrix Cable/Dongle and get a brand new Version 2 Accessport for only $160 with free shipping in the US. Visit this page for all of the details! The Accessport gives you access to free Off The Shelf (OTS)...
  10. Evo X Aftermarket Intake Calibration Guide

    Cobb AccessPort
    When developing and improving our products we try our best to make decisions that benefit the community as a whole. Tuning strategies change as we discover and better educate ourselves on the Evo X platform. In recent discovery work we determined that an aftermarket intake is more beneficial...
  11. Major AP V2 Issue-2012 Ralliart

    '09+ Ralliart General
    I own a 2012 Ralliart, I have had an unpleasant experience with my accesport thus far. I have had it for bout 6 months and it has given me nothing but problems, but it is the only thing that will give me an OTS tune for a ralliart. In my most recent problem, I was changing maps to the "Stage...
  12. FS: Cobb Accessport & MAP UICP

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Sold my Evo X, so I am parting a few items. Please let me know if you want any more information. For Sale: Cobb Accessport V2. AP HAS BEEN UNMARRIED from previous vehicle. Was used on 2010 Evo X MR, has Cobb beta maps already installed as well as most recent firm ware. Comes with OBDII cable...
  13. COBB v402 OTS Maps for 2011-2014 Evo X GSR and MR

    Cobb AccessPort
    COBB v403 OTS Maps for 2011-2014 Evo X GSR and MR Hey guys! Over the past few weeks we’ve been listening to your feedback and making adjustments to the recently released v401 Evo X OTS maps in hopes of creating an offering that works well for everyone. We now have Beta v402 OTS maps available...
  14. COBB V3 placement

    Cobb AccessPort
    So Cobb has made the new V3 Accessport, and the first units have shipped (at least to Kaizen Tuning!) It is coming with a new holder, so I wanted to ask you where you have placed your current accessport, and/or where do you plan to place the new larger color display V3?:thumbup: Post up with...
  15. Motion Lab has all the Electronics your Evo Needs

    Elite Merchant Marketplace
    We at Motion Lab would like to be your go to, one stop shop for all of your Evo's electronic needs. We have the absolute best pricing on AEM gauges and electronics (if you see one better, let us know!). Great low prices on STRi and Defi...
  16. evoscan for 2012 evo gsr?

    Evo X Tuning
    hey guys. I have recently got a new macbook pro and am trying to install evoscan and ecuflash so i can start to look around and figure out how to tune. Problem is.. 1. It looks like evoscan does not support Mac (not sure all the threads and info i have come upon are fairly old) 2. I thought i...
  17. Cobbs AP w/ AEM CAI

    '09+ Ralliart General
    I have a 2012 Ralliart, only mod is an aem cold air intake.. if i were to use the Cobb AP for a stage1 tune, how effective would it be? would it be worth it?
  18. FS: Cobb Accessport for Evo X/Ralliart (SoCal)

    The Wastegate
    Sold sold sold
  19. AP or not?

    Evo X Tuning
    I am currently untuned with all the mods I have in the sig. I work a lot and the only shop that I would let tune my car is 8-10 hours away. I know I can get it e-tuned but would an AP be the way to go?
  20. Advice on next mod

    Evo X Performance
    I have come into some money for my next mod. I have about $1000 =) I have been really considering the Agency power cat back exhaust w/ a cat delete. but recently i have been reading about the COBB AP and that you can run the stage 2 maps without an aftermarket exhaust. Any advice on what i...