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  1. Evo X General
    So to keep a long and complicated story short, I need to replace a few of the body panels on my car. The stuff I need to replace is the front bumper, side skirts (I only need to replace one side, but I might as well do both), rear bumper and trunk lid. I figured, since I need to replace them...
  2. The Wastegate
    *****SOLD****** For sale is the FRP Voltex Style Forcewerkz front lip. This item is new. It has never been used. Includes mounting hardware. Although I never personally attempted fitment, reviews are positive regarding this product. It is primed black. There is a patch of fiberglass mesh in one...
  3. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Bought a new lip so this one is for sale. Looking for $50 picked up in IL I have a box to ship but shipping will be $100-$150 depending on location Damage on left corner (was professionally touched up) Lip cracked on the bottom left corner
  4. Merchant Marketplace
    As Do-Luck's authorized North American Distributor, we are very happy to offer Do Luck Evo X Aero performance parts to Do-Luck is one of the most popular and sought after aero manufacturer brands out of Japan! **UPDATE** We currently have 5 Non Keyhole Carbon Fiber Do Luck...
  5. Merchant Marketplace
    The Bulletproof Automotive team is looking forward to serving the EvoXForum community! As many of you know, we have helped many of the most famous Japanese tuning brands become successful in the US. We have a long history of acting as a US importer and distributor for high-quality Japanese...
  6. Completed Transactions
    For Sale: Wicked White (WW) side skirts from the 2010+ Evo X (Non aero). These aren't as wide as the aero skirts and are much sexier and sleeker than the '08 non-aero skirts. Condition: Great! Look at the pictures, no scratches or scuffs on them. The only scratch is on the passenger skirt...
  7. Completed Transactions
    SOLD. Candy Teal AME TM-02 19x9.5 +22 w/ Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 275/30/19 Tires. SOLD. CF side spats off the aero skirts are SOLD. Rexpeed R-Style Carbon Ducts Evo X. Good condition, no fading. SOLD JDP EVO X Modified DL carbon front spoiler in 2x2 weave. SOLD WW Aero Side Skirts. SOLD...
  8. Evo X Vanity
    I have the non-SSS spoiler on my Evo. I hate it and am looking for something new thats not OEM. I'm sure there's another thread somewhere about this, but can you guys post pics of your spoiler to give me some ideas.
  9. Completed Transactions
    For Sale: WW Aero Side Skirts w/ CF Side Spats Description: Wicked white aero skirts from my 2008 MR. Good condition, no paint chips, only slight swirl marks that can be buffed out. Location: N.W. Suburbs - Illinois Price: SOLD. DSC02870 by [email protected], on Flickr DSC03690 by [email protected], on...
  10. Completed Transactions
    SOLD: Wicked White Aero Lip (IL) I've been getting pounded with PM's asking if I was selling my aero lip. Well... here it is. Kind of didn't want to sell my back up lip but I will post it since there is interest. I purchased this lip from another owner and had it for over a year. It has your...
  11. Evo X Vanity
    Just got my Greddy Lip out of the paint shop and I love the end result. I have coilovers coming in tomorrow so it should sit pretty nice after all is said and done. The fit is perfect and it is secured firmly onto the oem bumper. I wasn't expecting such a great part but I'm glad I pulled the...
  12. Completed Transactions
    My OEM trunk is for sale, with the SSS wing and the aero kit addition to the top of the wing. No dings or major scratches. I'm pretty anal about my paint, and this has just been sitting in a box since I purchased my do-luck. $650obo takes it.
  13. Completed Transactions
    WtB factory SSS aero lip. Does matter the color- just has to be in good shape. Don't sweat the scratches and chips, I can take care if that. Ready to pay NOW!!!!
  14. Evo X Vanity
    We just prototyped a front splitter for the Aero lip. This will take the place of the annoying piece of rubber that loves to fall off from the factory. Would anyone be interested if we produced this? What would you be willing to pay? Edit: More pics uploaded
1-15 of 15 Results