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    Hello Everyone! We are doing a very special intro price on the ARK design G700 clutch, that is made by OS Giken to ARK specs for the EVO X. ARK Design G700 Clutch The G700 clutch from ARK Design is a multi-plate unit engineered to handle high power transfer to the drivetrain while...
  2. Merchant Marketplace
    Hello Everyone! Summer is here and the good deals keep on rolling. We have several items from ARK Design to help you get the most out of your EVO X!:drive: Quantities for this special are limited to 5 pieces each for electronics and 3 for clutch kits so please PM, or e-mail or call me...
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    Looking for a great wheel that wont brake the bank? Check out the ARK design wheels. We have used this wheels on our R14 and a few other shop cars. ARK Design’s R8 Wheel is a lightweight one piece design, developed for style, performance and strength. The R8 features eight solid spokes...
1-3 of 3 Results