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  1. AEM Wideband & boost gauges, rexspeed pillar - New

    For Sale (car parts)
    I've decided to go a different direction and no longer need my gauge setup. the boxes have been opened but the gauges have never been installed. Rexspeed dual gauge pillar AEM Wideband gauge #30-4110 AEM boost gauge #30-4406 Looking for 325 shipped to the lower 48 states. thanks
  2. Over Boost Help...

    Evo X General
    Well its been a while since I've been here. The EVO was the wife's car but now its the family car lol. So I haven't done any modifications to the car in years. The car has been running fine according to my wife. So since I started driving it more I noticed some issues. I recently replaced...
  3. Question about ENGINE KNOCK. PLEASE!

    Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Okay first off, i have a 2010 Evo X GSR. Mods: MAPerformance o2 downpipe OBX test pipe Greddy single exit catback AMS Intake Ultimate Racing UICP Cobb Stage 2 LWG map Comp Stage 3 Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel MAPerformance CMC I know what matters most is knock at WOT but im wondering is a lot...
  4. Moore Automotive Fairfax, VA

    Merchant Feedback
    I had my 60k maintenance done and along with a couple of upgrades. Chris was very helpful and kept me updated on the progress of the car. I got re-tuned by Chris and he made sure everything was proper. He even stayed late just to finish the tune and put the car back together. Mind you, that day...
  5. STM Tuned's Project X

    Evo X Build Journals
    I'd never have thought I'd have gotten this far into a car to be making one of these but in the never ending quest for more power it's lead to this point. The car itself is a 2013 Evo X GSR. This was my second venture into owning a "tuner" car as I had a 2005 Cobalt SS back when I was 19, so...
  6. Hit 33 psi Today. Problem?

    Evo X General
    So this morning I was on my way to work and got stuck behind 3 cars and bike. No problem, got boost. On a straight and with a clear road ahead I hit the pedal to pass. Felt pretty quick so I glanced at my V3 Accessport and saw that I hit 33 psi of boost at 98% throttle. It was about a 35 mph...
  7. Just Purchased an Evo, Brembo Question + Boost/Bov Question

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    What's up everyone? Looking for some answers here about my Brembo brakes on my 2012 Evo X GSR. I bought the car about 3-4 weeks ago now and during the motion of stopping, no matter how fast/slow the car was moving, I get an obnoxious sequel, worse then I've ever heard in any car, not to...
  8. Crushed BOV?

    Evo X Turbo
    Today, I noticed my car is only boosting to ~12psi. Obviously thats not right, it usually boosts to ~23-25. The only warning light on my dash is for tpms. As far as I can tell, nothing changed with the way it runs or drives, it just refuses to build the boost past 12. Could this be a symptom of...
  9. FS: FL AEM A/F & Boost Gauges

    The Wastegate
    Like new condition AEM Boost & A/F Gauge Everything pictured is included! Original Boxes Instructions (A/F) All Lines Vacuum Line Wire Connectors Gauges Silver Bezels x 2 Black Faces x 2 $300 Shipped for both Call or e-mail if interested 407-883-0072
  10. FS: HKS EVC, Stock Fuel Rail, Injectors, CMC

    The Wastegate
    For sale are a used HKS EVC boost controller, my stock fuel rail, stock fuel injectors, and stock clutch master cylinder. HKS EVC Boost Controller - 400 shipped SOLD Fuel Rail - 40 shipped Fuel injectors - 200 shipped Clutch Master Cylinder - 75 shipped HKS EVC Boost Controller Clutch Master...
  11. FS: Stock Intake Box w/ filter, UICP, Cat-back exhaust, OEM BCS, Oil filter w/ gasket

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    For Sale: Upper intercooler pipe. $20 Brand new OEM oil filter with a new gasket. SOLD Stock intake in great condition. Filter is almost brand new. SOLD Stock cat-back exhaust from '08 MR. Approx. 25k miles on it. SOLD
  12. Boost Pill Direction

    Evo X Tuning
    I'm selling my Evo X SE and returning it to stock. Does anyone know which direction the stock boost pill goes (the one Cobb asks you to remove for Stage 2)? My guess is the larger end toward the turbo, but I can't remember. Thanks! (PM me if you're interested in barely used parts including...
  13. Need help

    Evo X General
    Please don't get angry guys because I know nothing about anything & do not own an evo..but my boyfriend has an '08 Evo X & I want to buy him an analog turbo boost gauge for xmas. I want it to be a surprise so I'm afraid to ask him too many questions, although I probably already have. I know he...
  14. Gauge Reviews

    Evo X General
    I have been looking for Boost Vacuum, Volt, AFR, Oil Temp, etc and there are just so many options to choose from...Can you guys post up pictures of your gauge setup and let me know what you guys are using? Send me a link to the site of where you purchased the gauges from too...Thanks...
  15. BOV question

    Evo X Performance
    I know most people say to stick with the stock BOV. That's why I sticked to mine. However, I'm getting some injectors and hopefully get the car tuned to 91/e85 and heard that the stock BOV leaks pass 23-25psi. I'm running the stock turbo. Got almost all the bolt ons. So just the injectors and a...
  16. Greddy Profec B Spec II or Mitsubishi boost controller

    Evo X Performance
    Hello everyone. The car is 2012 evo x gsr. The car was installed with this greddy profec b spec 2 EBC. if it was up to me i would have never bought this thing, but its not my car. whats happening is while under 100% throttle there is a relay under the dash clicking rapidly. not sure what relay...
  17. FS: Rexpeed Dual Steering Wheel Pod W/ Prosport Halo Gauges

    Completed Transactions
    Like the title says, selling my Rexpeed gauge pod with both "Halo Series" ( Boost and Volt gauges. Both gauges are in immaculate condition and I left the wiring attached to help reduce the pain of the electrical work. Set Retail: $278 Selling Price...
  18. FS: Defi White Racer 52mm Boost Gauge

    Completed Transactions
    Bought this back in april and installed it then took it off a week later (decided to go with AEM wideband and my OCD kicked in and I got an AEM boost to match). I paid close to $150 shipped. Asking $130 shipped. Gauge comes with all wires/harnesses/sensors. No gauge cup was included in...
  19. Dial in that boost! Get The Grimmspeed Evo X EBCS 3-Port @ DSG!

    DSG Performance
    Dial in that boost! Get The Grimmspeed Evo X EBCS 3-Port @ DSG! The Most COMPLETE EVO BCS Ever Built, Period. Only 109.99$ Shipped, Get yours here! From the company: The GrimmSpeed™ Mitsubishi EVO Boost Control Solenoid is designed to work with your factory computer...
  20. How's my log? (no pr0n)

    Cobb AccessPort
    First time logger here with my Cobb AP. Don't know much about this so help would be greatly appreciated. Mods are Exedy Stage 1 clutch, Cobb Stage 1, Cobb intake, APT UICP. Did some research on what to log so let me know if I should add/subtract parameters. No AFR gauge. Temp was 79* and...