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  1. Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    HELP!!! Suggestions? Brake Master-Brake Hard/Tube Line Hello.. So I changed my Clutch Master Cylinder about 2 years ago for a brand new Evo IV one with the Magnus adapter (it was a pain in the ass to change). Anyway, so just last week all of a sudden my pedal slams to the floor. I refill the...
  2. Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hello, I have 23k miles on my '10 SE, and I've noticed a light comes on when stopping or accelerating briskly. I took a look under hood, and it appears the brake fluid might be a tad low. Is this normal? Or is this indicative of a problem with my brake system? Does it matter what type of...
1-2 of 2 Results