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  1. Completed Transactions
    $80 or best offer shipped domestically, you pay PayPal fee (extra charge based on quotes for international shipping is at buyers expense) PayPal: [email protected] Ordered and delivered years ago, never installed. Comes with everything pictured (i.e. everything shipped to me in the...
  2. Evo X Performance
    As far as I know this is a one of a kind. Big thanks to David and the crew for making this for me. Fitment was spot on as it always is with Buschur Racing Evo parts. I have the BR True Dual exhaust now with a Magnaflow "Quiet Version". To me it wasnt all that loud... not compaired to my IX LOL...
  3. Evo X Turbo
    Im looking at getting a new turbo kit. My idea was to get a Buschur Racing Evo X T3 Turbo Kit. What do yall think about this system? It also comes with 4 options for turbos. PTE 6262 Blouch 600 HTA3582 HTA3586 Do yall think this is a good set up? and if so which turbo would you recommend.
  4. Evo X Performance
    Hi there, I'm proud to say that the Evo is finally on its way. We are in the works of making a deal on a 2010 Wicked White GSR with the SSS package, Navigation and Aero with 21,000km for $35,000 CDN. I am now thinking of a mod list to make my goal of 350AWHP and 350lb/ft torque. At this very...
  5. Evo X Performance
    Wondering if I can get some help on this one. New To This Forum and an amatuer when it comes to moding. I've had my Evo for about 6 months now and I've finally decided its time to go down the dark path! After researching for a couple weeks I've narrowed down between two exhausts: Perrin and...
  6. Evo X Dyno
    Went to Buschur Racing yesterday and he could not tune the car because he did not have the correct ROM so we did a dyno pull anyway on the stock ECU to see where we are at. Mods: Injen Intake & UCIP and Turbo XS TB Exhaust with HFC, what do you guys think?
1-7 of 8 Results