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  1. Evo X Vanity
    So im about to order this Seibon s style carbon grill to go for the badgeless look, i assumed the oem grill and emblem came off in one shot however i noticed that behind the front emblem it looks like theres a mounting bracket connected to the grill trim or something, what have you guys done...
  2. Merchant Marketplace
    ** Zoom Engineering Carbon & FRP Rear View Mirrors ** InStock & Ready to Ship!! ** We are now importing and stocking up on these awesome rear view mirrors!! And at a much lowered price!! Zoom Engineering is a Japanese manufacturer who specializes in racing mirrors for all cars. These mirrors...
  3. Evo X Vanity
    hey does anyone know of any canards that look similar to the varis with carbon fiber? i can see myself spending 500+ dollars for canards. budges is around 250. thanks guys ;):ghey::freak::D:yay:
  4. Evo X Vanity
    I'm wanting to add a little CF on the exterior to go with my fog deletes I have a few ideas: Here's my car as it stands ----> Option 1: Leave it alone, it looks good as is Option 2: JDP RA lip with Extreme Dimensions CF XRS side skirts Option 3: CF hood and paint match the edges of...
  5. The Wastegate
    Sold. It's sold. It's so fucking sold. Please don't pm me about this anymore. Because this hood is sold as fuck. SOOOOOOOOOOLD.
  6. Completed Transactions
    FS: HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer with Evo X Plug 'n Play Harness SOLD Evolution MR Badge SOLD Evolution Badge SOLD Carbon Fender Vents SOLD Evolution X Badge SOLD
  7. Evo X Vanity
    Okay so I need to buy new hood scoops and vents for my pb hood. I want to hear what you all think about sticking with another oem pb set or going for carbon fiber. Thoughts?
  8. Other Automobiles
    Here are some pics of my GT-R, as few people inquired about it when I posted pics of my wife's Evo. So by popular demand... When I took the photos the car wasn't particularly clean but since the car is black, its never particularly clean! The car is still missing carbon side mirror covers but...
  9. Completed Transactions
    Updated: SOLD!!!!! Up for sale is my Carbon Fiber and Aluminum shift knob from the UK. This knob is standard on the FQ 360 and FQ400 and otherwise is only available via Mitsu UK's accessories site under "Interior Styling" for people within Mitsu UK's market. To my knowledge, its not that easy...
  10. Asia
    Hi, Sorry for the blatant post, but I'm hoping someone can help... I am looking for a HK based EVO X owner who is interested in helping develop titanium and carbon parts. Happy to pay and provide free parts for your trouble. We are based in Sydney, Australia and am having trouble getting a car...
  11. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    FS: 52MM Rexspeed CF Steering wheel gauge pod. Installed but now using a three gauge setup. Rexspeed pod is still in new condition with no cosmetic blemishes. Retails for $109 + 13 for shipping. Selling for $95 SHIPPED [ ( Gauge Not Included)
1-12 of 18 Results