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  1. CBRD powered 311 RS MR, Final Edition parts- more

    Evo X Performance
    Hey again everyone- we hope you are all well- we have been slammed at the shop- with a lot happening in the Porsche market for us- some McLaren work- and more... but we are working hard on the EVO X platform- we have had some exciting things taking place- one being the completion of a 311 RS...
  2. SPEED ACADEMY VIDEO OF CBRD and our products and projects!!

    Evo X General
    Happy 2016 Everyone!! our friends at Speed Academy (particularly Peter Tarach- who was editor of Modified Magazine)- stopped by before the holidays to pick up their EVO that we built- the car was here for almost 1 year while the magazine was shut down and Pete started up the impressive Speed...
  3. CBRD RBX 7163 Versus STOCK turbo- charts

    Evo X Turbo
    Many people have asked for an overlay of our RBX kit versus a stock turbo car- This is the Twinscroll IWG kit versus the same car with bolt on's on stock turbo- typically an EVO X makes 210-225whp here depending on weather- if its a GSR- MR's about 20 less- here is the kit- here is the...
  4. TWIN SCROLL EFR 7163- RBX kit- by CBRD

    Evo X General
    Here it is--- everyone kept asking- so we delivered- Our Open Scroll Vband EFR RBX kit has been so popular (we have over 12 kits being built right now)- and people have been asking for a TWIN SCROLL option... so we decided to build one- we were able to retain the same turbo placement- therefor...
  5. CBRD RB-X NEW turbo kits!!

    Evo X Turbo
    This is our new for 2015 CBRD Rb-X turbocharger setup-- Features are as follows: CBRD 1.25" Tubular Vband Manifold (back purged, tig welded Stainless) CBRD 3" Downpipe with Vband inlet- two O2 sensor bungs- bolts up to stock location mid pipe (production versions include flex bellow) CBRD...
  6. CBRD Spring Dyno Day 4-25-15!!

    Meets, Shows, & Events
    Here you go- Link to our Spring Dyno Day Hope to see you here!!! Dyno is 75$ instead of normal $150-165.00! food and refreshments!! cb
  7. 2008 x mr high hp build

    Evo X Build Journals
    Wanted to see what everyone would think of the build I have going on. Motor: Buschur 2.2L Stroker BAMF block. HeadGames Pocket port. (GSC2,Bronze valve guides,ferrea 6000, beehive springs.) ArpBolts. Fuel: Walbro450 CBRD new fuel circuit ID2000's AMS fuel rail ultimate racing fuel filter...
  8. Forged Performance - Dean's 2010 EVO X - 400 whp @ 26 psi on 93 Octane

    Evo X Dyno
    Dean brought us his nearly new, gorgeous 2010 EVO X ready for some serious upgrades. With just 1700 miles on the odometer, he couldn't wait to get started modding the car. Rather than stepping into some basic mods first, he decided he wanted a fairly extensive stock block build while still...