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  1. The Wastegate
    Stock fuel pump. Nothing wrong with it what so ever. Taken off the car at 30k miles as I went with a new turbo setup so I needed to upgrade. Never ran E85 through this. Just trying to get rid of some stock parts laying around as I dont have the car anymore. $55 To you door, sounds fair to me?
  2. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Motion Lab has great deals on ETS & Blouch Performance Turbos! Throughout the month of June and July, We have great deals on Extreme Turbo Systems Products and Forced Performance Turbos! Report this image ETS Mitsubishi Evo X and Evolution X Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold Utilizing a...
  3. Merchant Marketplace
    *****THE 15 SLOTS OF THIS FIRST BATCH ARE FILLED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A PILLAR POD, PM ME. WE WILL BE MANUFACTURING MORE AS SOON AS THIS FIRST BATCH IS COMPLETE.***** Alright ladies and gents, dogs and cats, Wraiths and curbs, it is the moment you have all been waiting for! I am a very...
  4. Completed Transactions
    hey guys, im located in nnj. willing to travel around ~200 miles or so. im looking for a good condition, MANUAL for under 8k. ill know exactly what car im looking for wen i see it. i really would love a wrx but those are hard to find for this price in good condition. let me know what you or...
  5. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    for sale i have some parts that i just need gone so make me your own prices shipped...think about the bigger things they cost a lot to ship stock evo x cams..they have 3,150 miles on them if you need picks let me know stock 02 housing stock lower inter cooler pipes stock upper inter cooler...
1-5 of 6 Results