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  1. Evo X Performance
    I'm looking into purchasing either the Clutch Masters FX400 (~$715.50) in the 6 puck flavor, or the Exedy Stage 2 HD (~$935.89). I've heard plenty of good things about Exedy, but wondering if Clutch Masters is good quality as well? I'm leaning towards Clutch Masters mainly because of the price...
  2. 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    Ok so a few questions have been raised as to how many people are actually running the Spec or CM clutch while running the stock CMC with no modification to CMC. Template- Date installed: Brand: Stage #: Total Mileage on car: Mileage on Clutch: Rough ft/lbs (To crank): Still running on...
1-2 of 2 Results