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  1. Hissing sound coming from transmission

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    So I had my clutch replaced about 700 Miles ago. Got a stage 3 competion clutch. Whenever the clutch is at the engagement point I hear a hissing sound. It’s only when I’m in first gear. Is this normal?
  2. OEM to Exedy Twin Disc to CC Stage 3+

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Hi all to this may concern, Competition Stage 3+ Segmented Ceramic Clutch Car Mileage:100,XXX Mileage on the Comp Clutch for this review: 500 miles I've never launched my car. Just wanted to point that out before continuing this post. OEM Not much to say honestly. It was reliable as a DD...
  3. Evo X Uphill start car Shaking

    Evo X General
    Hi I am new to the forums I have had my X for about 1 year and a half and I recently had a new clutch installed the competition clutch stage 3 segmented. With the stock clutch I was having no issues getting a smooth engagement quick on an uphill but this clutch seems to need quite a bit of...
  4. Clutch recommendations

    Evo X General
    Hi Guys, Need to replace the clutch on my 08 GSR. Some bolt on mods. Guessing 350 - 375hp. Dealership I bought it from is paying for the clutch, but wants to put a stock one on. Bad idea, right? Would the ACT HDDS Full face sprung be better, or this one...
  5. Clutch Slipping????

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Hi All, I have an 08 Evo GSR. I bought the car a little over a week ago, and it is having some clutch issues. A little back story first. A couple of days ago I was driving, and it sounded like I ran something over, and my oil light came on. I got the car back home, and found out that there...
  6. Memorial Day Clutch Sale! Competition Clutch!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Stage 2- 2100 Series for Aggressive Street Competition Clutch Stage 2 - Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit - EVO X *The 2100 Series kit provides an estimated 80% increase in torque capacity Stage 2- 0100 Series for Higher Horsepower Applications Competition Clutch Stage 2 Un-Sprung Heavy Duty...
  7. Clutch Suddenly Smoother

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    So I just got a new clutch about 3k miles ago and about a week ago it just got a lot smoother on engagement. (its a Exedy Stage 1 organic btw). I havent really abused it aside from the pretty frequent stalling the first week or two on the new clutch. Should I be worried ? or is it just finally...
  8. Clutch Engagement Very Strange

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Hey all, I recently got a bunch of new clutch parts installed about 3 weeks ago. This is the list: Prolite Flywheel ARP Flywheel Bolts ACT 6 Puck Clutch ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate ACT Monoloc Evo 9 CMC kit from MAPerformance Redline Fluid Cocktail Torque Solutions underhood bushings All of...
  9. Slipping Clutch

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    So I got the recall done for the clutch master cylinder. Afterwards the clutch engagment was at the bottom of the pedal. I don't drive it to often but everytime i drive it the engagment slips higher and higher in the pedal... Well now its at the very top and its slipping in full boost. The...
  10. Clutch slipping

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Hey guys im just seeing what you all have to say about this. So i have a little over 3350 miles on my 2014 Gsr and the clutch is already slipping:deadhorse: . Im in college right now so im being more conservative at the moment with purchases for the car. It is all stock at the moment and real...
  11. Clutch slipping? Symptoms within

    5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    08 GSR here, on a 4 year old 4-puck sprung clutch and lightweight flywheel. Pulled hard and strong in all gears up until this winter. This winter was cold (many many -40C nights and car cold soaking then having to start and drive in the morning). Pretty sure I wore down the clutch quite a bit...
  12. SST Clutch Slipping or?

    Hi Everyone, GO GO First Post! I own a sexy black 2011 Evo X MR and my only mods are an ETS UICP and Cobb's v403 Stage 1 91 octane map. The vehicle has 20,000 km's on her and I've only launched her twice (both without slowdown message). Lately I've been noticing that when I start to...
  13. Clutch Install Special @ SpeedCircuit!

    Merchant Marketplace
    From now until December 31st, 2013 - SpeedCircuit will install your clutch and flywheel for $850! Restrictions apply. Restrictions: Parts and fluids are not included in the price. Price is for Evo X and Ralliart only. All parts and fluids must be purchased through SpeedCircuit, LLC...
  14. Clutch replacement pains

    '08+ Lancer Common General
    Ok, Im changing my clutch. Im in the process of dropping the tranny and I'm stuck because I can't get the damn shift linkages off. I've removed the cotter pins but the little black bushings are stuck. I've tried prying it off with lots off force and its still stuck. I don't want to break...
  15. How can you tell if...

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    You have an after market clutch in your car? I just drove from Nashville to Florida to get my Evo and noticed in the AM and sometimes on a weirdly uneven surface under load my clutch makes a noise(sounds similar to a bearing?) that has to be coming from somewhere in there. It is a very stiff...
  16. Mitsubishi Dealership Wants to Replace My Clutch Pack

    Long story short I've been having serious slipping issues with my SST transmission that Mitsubishi has been trying to diagnose for the past 6 months or so. I notice that the SST was leaking right where the filter is located so I took it to them this morning to get it looked at and try again for...
  17. Twin Clutch SST Evo x MR

    Evo X Turbo
    Just wondering 13:20 is that the same as the one on EVO X MR?
  18. clutch slips when cold GSR

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    before I get in my car in the morning I usually idle it for around 5 minutes. but when I get in and drive away, my clutch sometimes slips when going from 1st to 2nd. does this happen to anyone else? is this a bad sign from my clutch?
  19. Clutches on my MR seem to be slipping

    When under full boost and near redline in first gear when shifting into second, there appears to be a delay of the shift. When it shifts into second, it shifts right into the rev limiter and I immediately have to shift into third. I dont remember this ever happening in the past. I havent changed...
  20. Spec STG 2/2+ owners?

    Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Thinking about replacing my OEM with a SPEC stage 2 or 2+ clutch. Does anybody have any experience with this clutch? I know I should upgrade to a stage 3 but I live in Hawaii with frequent stop and go heavy traffic so a DD clutch is a must for me. I dyno at 310 lb. Torque, car is close to...