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  1. For Sale (car parts)
    I have a cobb accessport for a 2015 EvoX that is used and unmarried asking $400
  2. Evo X Tuning
    This is all new to me. I’m getting a decent amount of knock from 1-3k RPM. But in WOT it’s money. I have an ACT competition clutch I’ve read that causes issues with knock. Knock sum reached 17, and I know that’s not good, but only from the 1500-3000 RPM. Help!
  3. Cobb AccessPort
    hey im upgrading to a turboxs bellmouth down pipe and the turboxs race pipe (the catless test pipe) I also have a k&n intake and the exhaust is a bushur exhaust with a muffler delete what tune should I run? and any help on finding a great tune for it?
  4. Cobb AccessPort
    So I've been waiting for my mods to come in and before i had them installed i wanted to run a few logs so i can compare before and after and see whats changed. After going through a few logs of pretty typical and normal numbers (0-1 knocks over 10 logs) i noticed one log had 5 knocks at one...
  5. Cobb AccessPort
    Being a noob, I decided to go the "COBB way" and get their stage 1 pack with the CHFF and the AP. I've recorded a couple runs in 3rd and noted the knock sum. I am concerned this is an indication of a problem. Was hoping someone could eyeball the logs and give me an opinion. Thanks in...
  6. Cobb AccessPort
    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I recently installed an ETS Intake, an ETS V2 CBE, and married a Cobb AP to the car. I flashed the Stage 1 + 91 SF MAP with the MAF scaling provided by Cobb for the ETS intake. From what I can tell, the car runs fine when I'm on the throttle (AFRs from...
  7. Evo X General
    I've been researching this for days and hoping to find help. On the Accessport there is an option to monitor WB AF data. I have a bung waiting on my down pipe for a WB but I don't want the physical gauge cluttering my dash. (Say what you want about that, it's beside the point). Just wondering...
  8. Evo X Performance
    Yo guys, earlier today I picked up my brand new EVO X. This is my first thread and I am still not too knowledgeable about this car. I have plans to make performance upgrades in the near future. My first step would be an aftermarket intake (AEM most likely), along with a turboback...
  9. Evo X Tuning
    Is there such a thing as map sharing? It seems to me many people have the same mods, if not, very similar. Now, I know each car is a little different, but I figured if people shared maps, then one would at least have a base map to small tweaks for their specific ride. Anyone know if such a...
  10. Cobb AccessPort
    So I'm thinking of ditching my Cobb AP and going EvoScan Tactrix. Long story with Cobb service in Plano, but I do have some questions first. I do have the ATR and a Protune, I am upgrading my turbo to an EF3 and want to know if there are some write-ups on using the ATR on something like this...
  11. Cobb AccessPort
    Looking for some input on datalogs I have recorded over the past few days with my new setup on stage 3 93 octane v401. I installed the K&N Typhoon SRI and Charge Pipe, Invidia catless downpipe, and Cobb 3-port EBCS in addition to my Invidia CBE. Then flashed the stage 3 map and have been running...
  12. '09+ Ralliart Performance
    i finally got around to buying an accessport for my ralliart for the live data and mapping... the live data works perfectly! however, i can not get a stage 1 tune for it. i understand that cobb may not have it out yet, although i do know that they sent out a beta a few months ago! could...
  13. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    Hey guys I just bought a cobb accessport brand new never used but it's for 09-10 Evo and I have a 2011 Evo gsr will it work if I download the 2011 maps??
  14. Completed Transactions
    *cobb ap* for sale Selling COBB AP- Great condition-newest software and licensed version of accesstuner and all cables. Located in Ontario, Canada. Willing to ship... $400obo...
  15. Completed Transactions
    (SOLD) is my Cobb accessport...I'm going on sea duty for 2 years so I won't be playing with evo for a while...selling it for 380$ USD shipped price is firm...Not in a hurry to sell this so don't low ball me...I'm still keeping and building my evo so it doesn't matter if this gets sold or...
  16. Evo X Performance
    I'm looking to purchase a Cobb Accesport. But don't know which map I would run. I have a Cosworth drop in, and ETS catback exhaust. Which map would I run, about what power would I be making?
1-16 of 16 Results