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  1. Gauge Needle Sweep

    '08+ Lancer Common Electronics & Audio
    I've always liked the look of seeing the needles do a sweep at the start up of a car, like in the lexus isf, subarus, and gtis. I was wondering if there are any clusters that have this needle sweep function. I heard defi gauges have them, if so, which ones? Has anyone ever done a full cluster...
  2. Defi racer white question

    Evo X General
    i did this whole install using a how to from evolutionm. it was easy except that that damn gromet behind the wheel. now to the question. where am i supposed to put the white cable so when i turn my lights on the gauge will dim so it could be easier on the eyes? can you post a pic from your...
  3. FS: Defi White Racer 52mm Boost Gauge

    Completed Transactions
    Bought this back in april and installed it then took it off a week later (decided to go with AEM wideband and my OCD kicked in and I got an AEM boost to match). I paid close to $150 shipped. Asking $130 shipped. Gauge comes with all wires/harnesses/sensors. No gauge cup was included in...
  4. Motion Lab has the lowest prices on AEM, STRi, and DEFI gauges!

    Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Motion Lab Tuning has all your performance electronic and gauge needs. We have great pricing on all the top brands in the industry! AEM Digital gauges: AEM UEGO- KEY FEATURES No free air calibration required - ever Accurate to .1 AFR Includes white and black gauge faces Includes black and...
  5. BNIB Defi BF water temp, oil pressure gauges (white w/black face)

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Comes with everything needed to install. Has the full black face when powered off. Box hasn't even been opened! Lights up white Looking for $225 OBO. MSRP is $300+ Water temp (JayDeeMmm/metric) Oil pressure (JayDeeMmm/metric) have 2 of these I'm in SoCal so can ship or meet for...