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  1. Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    My AYC part from the rear diff has started knocking when the car is moving, if clutch is held down sound goes away. Knocking increases as I go through the gears/speed 2015 Evo x with 50k miles. I bled the system and replaced the oil, the sound still exists, what do you guys think its possible...
  2. Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Okay so I have done ALOT of research, let me explain what I have found. I have a Canadian spec 2015 Evo X GSR if it makes a difference: Based on my research the Evo X has an LSD front diff, and an open diff in the rear that can essentially lock up or send power to either side through the AYC's...
  3. Evo X General
    Hey guys.. So today taking a turn onto a highway on ramp going about 55 Mph (Quite quickly) I noitced there was a faint whining sound everytime i would get on the gas to either increase speed or maintain speed under such hard cornering... Now at first i kinda thought it was the tires as I...
1-3 of 3 Results