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  1. ? MAPerformance St. Patrick's Day Sale ? Additional 7% stacked savings on all in-stock MAPerformance! No code needed!

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    This week we are running a MAPerformance St. Patrick's Day Sale We will be offering an additional 7% stacked savings on all in-stock MAPerformance parts. Instant Savings! No code needed *some exclusions apply. Shop Now!
  2. Removing Downpipe.. All bolts/nut are out, Still Stuck

    Evo X Turbo
    So I'm trying to install my ETS Downpipe and I'm so close to removing the stock O2 housing. All 4 bolts are out and I also removed the nut facing the drivers side. I expected it to pull right off, but it's stuck. The gasket can spin around freely on the stud, so I doubt I missed a bolt. I really...
  3. ETS O2 Dump Downpipe For Sale!!!

    For Sale (car parts)
    Hello All, Selling my ETS open dump downpipe pipe that has only 6k miles on it for $400. Located on Long Island, but I am willing to ship. You pay shipping/paypal. I have several videos of how the open dump sounds on the car and it's incredible. It LITERALLY scared me the first time I got on...
  4. [SOLD] Tomei Widemouth DP and Valentine 1 Radar 4 Sale

    For Sale (car parts)
    Hi Everyone, Looking to get ride of a Tomei Widemouth Downpipe that I purchased from a friend. I bought the downpipe used with 6K miles on it. I never ended up installing it since I ended up getting a great deal on an open dump. Im looking to get 225$ for the downpipe, plus whatever the...
  5. Atmosphere DP to Recirculating DP ??

    Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, I've just picked up a '12 GSR. It has an ETS Vent to atmosphere downpipe, which sounds awesome and angry, but this is going to be my DD and I'd prefer not to wake up the entire neighbor hood. So... Would a re-tune would be necessary if I swapped that out with a recirculating one, or...
  6. Exhaust help

    '09+ Ralliart Performance
    I'm looking at buying the UR turbo back exhaust. Was just wondering what experiences other have had with this the good, the bad, and ugly. I've read a lot about people having problems with the DP and getting it on. Any installation tips and tricks are welcome! Thanks for reading hope to see some...
  7. Cobb Stage 3 stock downpipe

    Evo X General
    Hey guys I've been running my car with the cobb stage 2 map and I only have a hfc and catback in terms of my exhaust. I understand that it is safe to run the stage 2 this way but I'm looking into picking up an ebcs to get a custom tune but i was wondering if until I get the tune that it would be...
  8. ~~~~Exhaust~~~Berk, Invidia, Apexi, Greddy, HKS, Tanabe, Agency Power, ETS, Borla

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    Best pricing on all exhausts, downpipes, headers, test pipes, HFC's and more. Free shipping within the continental us on all orders $150 and above. We will beat anyone elses pricing on any part we sell. Most in stock ready to ship out same or next day. Check out all exhaust parts on our...
  9. WTB: AMS Downpipe

    Completed Transactions
    Got one. Close thread.
  10. Internal wastegate to external!?!?

    Evo X Performance
    Excuse me for being a rookie here. I'm running a stock turbo right now and just ordered a ATP divorced downpipe w/tial external wastegate, I just confused myself. When I put it on I need to take off the internal wastegate actuater and need to close the flapper? How do I close the flapper...
  11. FS: AMS downpipe & like new Evo X turbo

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  12. FS: Stock DP, Intercooler, Pearl Black trunk, trunk mats, OEM DP, cheap

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey guys, everything is OBO, all in great condition except the trunk which has a ding + some rust around the right brake-light. Shipping included in prices. OEM intercooler, $100 OBO OEM Downpipe (both parts) $200 OBO. Im just guessing at prices, totally abstract, feel free to make an...
  13. TSM | Akrapovic Exhausts and Downpipes!!!

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    TopSpeed Motorsports is proud to offer the finest automotive exhaust systems available. Akrapovic, formerly known as Skorpion, has made its mark at the highest level of the automotive road racing world. Igor Akrapovic, Owner/Chief Design Engineer, selects only the finest , Titanium or Carbon...
  14. Problem with manifold gasket

    Evo X Performance
    I recently installed an ams widemouth downpipe and the ams non resonanted cat delete with the stock cat back exhaust on my 08 gsr and it seems to have caused a gasket around the manifold to blow because of what im guessing to be back pressure caused by the stock exhaust, but ive heard that...
  15. WTB: AMS/ETS (recirc) Downpipe

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    Like the title states. I'm looking for an AMS downpipe or ETS recirculated downpipe. I'm located in North New Jersey (07030) right by NYC. Let me know what you got and a price, thanks! -C
  16. Need help! Downpipe issue

    Evo X General
    Hi guys, I'm brand new to the forum and I wanted to see if anyone here could help me. I have a downpipe that I bought online. I don't know exactly what brand it is but it looks exactly like the ATP/Tomioka divorced downpipe. The recirc pipe that connects to the wastegate became loose and fell...
  17. Fs(nj): Oem gsr rims/downpipe/mr springs/bcs/etc

    Completed Transactions
    Selling car.
  18. FS: STEVO X Stock Parts

    The Wastegate
    Made new thread with updated stuff
  19. FS: TurboXS Front Pipe (Shorty DP)

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    FS: TurboXS Downpipe - $140 I have a short downpipe that came with my turboback TXS exhaust. It has never been installed and is brand new - these go for $170+ with our vendors. Will supply spring bolts and gasket with it. It's a shorty so it does use the factory O2 housing! EDIT: Its been...
  20. F.S magnus CMC, OEM flywheel and dp with 02

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    OEM flywheel and dp with 02 oem flywheel 100 shipped in U.S dp with o2 housing 100 shipped U.S