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  1. '08+ Lancer Common General
    Bought an Evo 8 Hey guys, new here. I was finally able to buy my dream car and it’s currently being shipped to me. I live in Charlotte, NC where the elevation is about 700ft above sea level. The car is being shipped to me from Denver, CO where it is obviously much higher. It has a built 2.0...
  2. Evo X Performance
    2015 EVO X GSR all stock. 1. AMS EvoX Titanium Cat Back Exhaust. 2. AMS Stainless Steel High-Flow Cat. 3. AMS Intake Kit - CAI - with or without bungs (not sure which one I need) + JDM Fog Mesh. 4. Cobb 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid. 5. AMS Front Mount Intercooler. 6. AMS Lower...
  3. Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys! I am currently running a sale on any of our MAP Fuel Upgrade Kits, take an additional 10% off the list price. Either message me here or give us a call and mention this thread to get the additional savings!!
  4. Evo X General
    I'm running E85 with a catback exhaust in Final Edition. In the morning - when the car is cold - the car feels laggy when giving gas after a gear change. I'm a little over 2000 rpms after the gear change. I give the usual amount of throttle but the car has barely any power. Then about half a...
  5. Evo X Performance
    Hello all thanks for viewing for thread. I am planning to convert my '14 to e85 and I have compiled a list of parts that I think I would need. I have a stock Evo, that is daily driven, but I do plan to upgrade it slowly over time. I have tried to make my selections ans future proof as possible...
  6. Evo X Performance
    thank you please deleted
  7. For Sale (car parts)
    Selling brand new ID 1000 injectors and AEM fuel pump, reason for selling is im going with a different set up thanks. for faster response you can text me at 323)229-4556
  8. Evo X General
    Hey guys some im getting tuned on e85 stock turbo this friday and was just curious what are some of the fastest cars you beat while on the stock turbo and e85 tune? Thanks everybody im just so excited im just curious on what cars i could potentially beat. Also is the difference between 93 and...
  9. Completed Transactions
    Hi EvoXForums Fam, I've just returned my 2014 MR to Stock and I have 2 items that I have available for sale ready to be shipped. I was running a test pipe, a Fuel Pump, Injectors, K&N Drop-In Filter and a Test Pipe on a conservative tune for 91 & e85. $300 - FIC 900CC Injectors + Plug & Play...
  10. Evo X Dyno
    This car is a blast to drive. MHI Turbo, Full-Race Motorsports Turbo manifold, Kelford Cams, AMS Performance Intake, piping, and FMIC, Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors, Kozmic Motorsports surge tank, TBE, E85. Running around 27-28psi with safe timing. Safe road coarse tune. I could push...
  11. Evo X Build Journals
    I'd never have thought I'd have gotten this far into a car to be making one of these but in the never ending quest for more power it's lead to this point. The car itself is a 2013 Evo X GSR. This was my second venture into owning a "tuner" car as I had a 2005 Cobalt SS back when I was 19, so...
  12. Evo X Performance
    I know most people say to stick with the stock BOV. That's why I sticked to mine. However, I'm getting some injectors and hopefully get the car tuned to 91/e85 and heard that the stock BOV leaks pass 23-25psi. I'm running the stock turbo. Got almost all the bolt ons. So just the injectors and a...
  13. Evo X Tuning
    Sorry if I posted this on the wrong thread or if this is a re-post but I just would like an input/feedback from my fellow evo x owners if is it safe to mix a 91oct and e85? Planning to have my car tuned any time soon for both 91 and e85. Advantage/disadvantages? 'cause if it isn't safe in the...
  14. Evo X Performance
    i searched around and couldnt find anything i want to know whats needed (injectors, pump, hfc, tp) to run e85 on my x please recommend parts and best place to get them. and if theres a thread already with this question provide me with a link. thanks
  15. Evo X Tuning
    Hey Guys, I'm looking to get some tuning done on my Evo X MR but i don't really know where to take it. I've heard Harvey aka BoostCreep is really good here in CO. He tuned my buddies WRX not too long ago and he did a great job but I was wondering if any of you guys have had any of your Evo's...
1-15 of 16 Results