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  1. 4b11 and 2.0T hyundai transmission

    Evo X General
    Hello all! So I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself and start a discussion on my next project I was wanting to modernize the mitsubishi starion /dodge conquest drivetrain and after a little bit of research I decided to try and workout the issues with converting the 4b11...
  2. Question about Exhaust Manifold studs stripping the head

    Evo X General
    Hello to anyone that's reading this, I recently came across an Evo X online. The car seems to be nice, but there's always a catch. I will include what they say in the listing "a few of the manifold studs stripped the head (car has not and will not be started due to this issue) so will need...
  3. SES light ON

    Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Neo, my car, is showing me the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light. With only 8700miles I get this light :tumbleweed: Any ideas? Thank you in advance
  4. 32% Leak down and 16% on rest

    Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Hello this will be my first post on the forum as I am new into the evo game. I purchased a 2008 and just wanted to make sure the car wasn't going to blow up on my because I know the dealer I got it from had the car tuned. The lead to me getting a compression leakdown test and come to find that I...
  5. WTB stock engine, trans

    Wanted to buy
    hello, i have a built motor i just sold out of my evo, looking to buy a stock motor and trans as said, would like if it had wiring harness and also the turbo kit included, thanks please text or call it works better for me 814-505-2561
  6. 700+whp part out!

    For Sale (car parts)
    EVOX FULLY BUILT PART OUT! 700+whp. Only 5,000miles on parts Darton Sleeved 2.0L stock bore Cp Pistons/xbeam rods/ polished crank/ built head... TPG Stage 3 EVOX Cylinder Head Build - Head Machine Work- Performance Valve Job- Set Valve Lash- Stage 3 Port Work -gsc...
  7. Engine whine on highway

    '08+ Lancer Common General
    When I go on the interstate for long trips the engine will sometimes make a whining sound when accelerating. This happens around the 100 mile marker. It does it for a few minutes when I have to keep tapping the gas when going up hill but will stop after a few minutes. Is this normal? I have a...
  8. Need help with timing chain change

    Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    I'm trying to change my timing chain and I have the old one off but I cannot figure out how to put the new one on. The old chain is different from the new one, the old has two blue links and one brown the new one has 3 spectate bronze links along with 4 bronze in a row. I can't get the new chain...
  9. Bigger Engine?

    '08+ Lancer General
    Alright so here is my situation: I bought my 2009 2.4L 4-door Auto/CVT Lancer GTS a few years ago because I couldn't afford the EVO at the time. Since then, I have put a lot of money into my car and customized it quite a bit. Unfortunately, now I'm at that point where I want something faster...
  10. MIVEC not working......

    Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    A little background first, 2008 GSR (bought in January) 36xxx miles Full bolt ons Rickerman basemap (can't continue tune with Chet until I get this issue resolved) I've been popping P0014 and P0011 CELs (exhaust and intake VVT system target error). I've replaced the oil control solenoids, cam...
  11. How To: Speedcircuit firewall heat shield install

    Evo X Vanity
    Parts Required: Speedcircuit firewall heat shield Tools Required: 1/4 rachet, 10mm socket, and 12mm socket Recommended Number of People: 1 Difficulty: 1 Time to Complete: 10 minutes Step 1: Remove factory heat shield. It's held on with 3 10mm bolts and 2 12mm nuts. After the shield is...
  12. Went for tire install - Mavis destroys engine - P0300 cel

    Evo X General
    So I got some new tires from tirerack and drop my car at the nearest shop to my work. It happens to be mavis tire. I drop my car off at noon along with my buddy's 2011 Mustang GT for tires. The kid says "I love seeing awesome cars at the shop" They call at 330 to tell me car is ready and I...
  13. HKS D1 Limited Edition Oil Cap (Orange County)

    Completed Transactions
    i'm selling my hks oil cap. used for two months (1000 miles). $45 for local pickup. i prefer pickup but if buyer wants it shipped you'd have to pay for shipping and paypal.
  14. Does a new engine hurt the value of the Evo X?

    Evo X General
    I have an 08 gsr that just had a replacement engine and turbo put in because of a faulty waste gate actuator. It was warrantied, but my evo has 50,800 miles on it and I am thinking about getting a new one. My question is will this warranty work hurt the value of my car? In good condition kbb...
  15. Please help

    Evo X General
    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me with tech info for my evo x 08. Here's the situation. I baught my evo and drove it for aprox. 3000km and my engine blew. Piston went right through the side of the engine. It was sent to the dealer and they told me it was caused by 'turbo boost...
  16. Engine Flush?

    Evo X General
    I got my oil changed this morning at Jiffy Lube (I dont have the means to do it myself) and after they finished the mechanic showed me the dipstick and it still looked dirty and told me I needed an "engine flush". What is this process and does it work? I think it is an issue that fresh oil...
  17. Can anyone id this engine knocking sound?

    Evo X General
    I just had the timing chain done, and ideas what could be causing this?
  18. WARNING: Do not replace your stock crank pulley with the aluminum aftermarket junk!

    Evo X General
    I learned another hard lesson with my car and installing pretty parts. I picked up and Agency Power billet aluminum crank pulley for m build to "Reduce rotational weight". It didn't work out like I expected and what a hunk of junk it turned out to be. Also keep in mind there are several...
  19. 2008 EVO X Parts

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    As I am building a EvoX Track Car I have a lot of stock parts to sell to help fund a small fraction of my build. Engine: Stock Exhaust Stock Turbo Stock Injectors Stock Intercooler Stock Piping Upper/Lower AC Pump AC Piping AC Condenser Interior: Front Recaro Seats Rear Seats Door Panels...
  20. SC Forged Motors from $2699!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Now with lower pricing options and better selection, we present SpeedCircuit Forged Motors starting from $2699! SpeedCircuit Forged 4B11T Engine [SC_FGD_4B11T] $2,699.00 Looking to build an epic Evo X? Here's...